Call Health Services

Call or email your school nurse, to confidentially report a positive COVID-19 test result for yourself or your child: 907-260-2390. Visit KPBSD Health Services webpage.

Have you received a positive test result for COVID-19, and had contact in a KPBSD school? Hearing you have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis can be daunting, as well as determining who you may have unknowingly exposed.

The school district works in partnership with public health for contact tracing in school settings, determining exposure in schools, and notifying everyone who is a close contact and needs to quarantine. All information is protected by HIPAA and FERPA laws.

Have you been notified that you are a “close contact” to someone who tested positive for COVID-19? The CDC now offers options to return to school or work that are a little quicker than standard 14-day quarantine. If a student or employee has not experienced ANY symptoms of illness, they could: 

  • Be tested on day 6 (last day of contact is day zero) and if it is negative, return to school on day 8 OR
  • Not be tested and if there are no symptoms of illness by day 10, return to school or work on day 11
  • Everyone who is fully vaccinated does not need to quarantine

Make sure to get tested if any symptoms of illness begin. Any symptoms of illness will also require a full 14-day quarantine. Your school nurse can clarify dates with you, and if you notice symptoms of illness at school, with parental consent, a school nurse may be able to offer a rapid COVID-19 test on site.

Remember, COVID-19 isn’t selective, and can infect anyone. There is no stigma with a positive case.