Title VI Indian Education

The KPBSD Title VI, Indian Education Program, supports Alaska Native/American Indian students for a successful experience throughout their K-12 schooling years. The Title VI Program is designed to assist and support students' academic achievement, social and emotional development, and cultural awareness in the classroom.   KPBSD Native students will be supported and enabled to receive an educational foundation, and given the skills to respond successfully with adults, situations, circumstances, activities and opportunities in school and life. 

Funding and Allocations

The Title VI, Indian Education program is funded by the Federal Government's Office of Indian Education, which is a part of the U.S. Department of Education.  Annual funding of the Title VI program is based on the number of individual qualifying students enrolled in KPBSD. The KPBSD has approximately 1014 enrolled Native Students in the Title VI Program.   Student eligibility for Title VI support is determined solely on the submission of a Title VI, Indian Education OE506 form.  Title VI, Indian Education Tutors are assigned to schools having the greatest need of academic support. Students needing assistance receive tutoring in reading, language arts, math and study skills. 

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Title VI Advisory Committee 

Title VI Advisory Committee Meeting Invitation

The Advisory Committee, made up of parents, elders and youth, meets three times a year to provide input regarding the services provided to Title VI students through KPBSD.  The committee reviews program activities, staffing, and provides input toward the determination of program priorities. 

Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leaders

The KPBSD started the Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leadership (KP/NYL) Program to nurture and guide emerging Native Youth Leaders among the Middle School, Junior High and High School students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

The goal of the Native Youth Leadership program is to provide students the opportunities necessary to learn leadership skills, while having pride in their culture. Leadership skills enhance students' personal, academic, extracurricular, and tribal-community involvements.

KP/NYL members are encouraged and guided in personal growth while developing leadership skills that are essential for academic and post-secondary career success.

Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leaders learn to utilize and weave their leadership expertise into both their traditional and conventional lives. Native Youth Leaders honor their culture and are empowered in their diversity. Please click on the following links to learn more: 


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