In-Person Learning Protocols

Dear Parents of Aurora Students,

We are excited that students will be able to join us for in person learning starting September 8, 2020.  I listed some of the basic protocols below for your reference. Here are some other documents for your reference as well:   Symptom-Free Schools ProtocolReturn to School formIn-School Symptom Screening 

Lunch Update: Students need to bring a lunch as normal.  There will not be hot water available and only one microwave per classroom.  Please try to send food with your child that doesn’t need to be heated or can be heated quickly.  The office will not be providing lunches for students who forget them at this point.  We will make sure students have ample time to call their parents before lunch if needed.

Health Protocols

  1. Parents check children for any symptoms at home before school.
  2. Students with illness symptoms at school will be removed from the classroom.
    1. Students with any sickness symptoms will go through our “In-School Symptom Screening”.
    2. If any COVID-like symptoms are identified during the screening then parents will be called to pick their child up and will be given the Return To School form that outlines the process for the child to return back to school.
  3. Students will wash or sanitize their hands before they enter into the classroom.
  4. All students will remain in their classroom cohort throughout the day.
  5. Students and teachers will utilize specific break and bathroom times.
  6. Students will remain in their classrooms for lunch.
  7. Students will play at outside recess in two separate groups and play with their classmates.
  8. Staff, students and parents will wear face coverings when entering or exiting the building.
  9. Students in 3rd-8th grade will wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible. (Grades 3-5 do NOT have enough space to social distance at this time in the classroom.)

Drop-Off  7:45-8:00

At 7:45 each morning the front doors by the flagpole of the school will be propped open for entrance.

Mr. McCanna will be at the front door as normal to greet students and help ensure they get inside the building safely.

All students and parents (K-1 only) entering the building have to wear a face covering unless the office has a note from a clinician stating otherwise.  Staff can escort students to their rooms if parents do not want to wear a face covering.

Kindergarten and 1st grade parents can escort their children to their classrooms and then exit out the dismissal door.

All students are to go directly to their classrooms when they enter the building.

*Students arriving late will need to check in at the office. Parents can escort late students to the office.

Dismissal: 2:15-2:30

All students will stay in their classrooms at 2:15 until their name is called to be released.

The drive-through front of the school will be coned off for student safety as normal.

Parents or approved pick-up adults will tell our dismissal person (Mrs. Huff), who will be outside the building, who they are here to pick up.  The dismissal person will notify the students via intercom. 

Students in grades 1st-3rd will exit out the normal dismissal door while students in grades 4th-8th will exit out the main entrance by the flagpole.

1st grade parents can come in the flagpole entrance, pick up their child from class and exit out the dismissal exit.

Kindergarten release is at 3:00 and parents will pull up out front of the school and the staff will bring the students out to the parents.

Thank you,

Principal McCanna

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