Remote Learning Due to COVID-19

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Aurora Parents & Students,

We miss seeing you every day!  I know that this is a difficult time for you and your families.  Our staff will be here to help you with your needs as we embark on this distance-learning journey.  We will have our bumps in the road, but we will be using your feedback in the next few weeks to help us maximize the learning experience for your children.  We will be using Canvas and Zoom as our platforms to teach students in a distance delivery method.  Every classroom teacher has a Canvas page where parents and students can access their virtual classrooms.

Guidance For Learning at Home with ABCS:

1. Follow the schedule that your teacher provides in Canvas.  Your child will learn the best if they complete the lessons and activities on the day when they are scheduled.  Working ahead does not help children learn.

2. Always keep any work you complete at home.

Canvas and Zoom are FREE resources. You do not need to upgrade them.

Canvas Link Log into Canvas using student log-ins.  Your child’s teacher has their log-in information. Some students (4th-8th may need to access their g-mail accounts.  Their username and password is the same as their computer log-in.)

Zoom Link  Zoom is where live classroom meetings will take place.  You don’t have to create an account to use Zoom.  You can use your computer or download the Zoom app on your phone or I-pad.  You can just type in the Meeting ID.

KPBSD Homepage Use the district’s homepage as a resource for other materials and for COVID-19 updates as it pertains to schools.

Internet Access Possibilities  This is a link of providers that are offering free internet to teachers and students.

Thank You for your patience as we start our distance-delivery journey!


Mr. McCanna

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