Valentine’s Day Music Videos

The students wanted to share this with you for Valentine’s Day.  I hope you enjoy seeing how well they are keeping time with the music (which is very difficult with a slow song!) and how they are moving expressively.  Even if your child was absent for the recordings, if you ask them, they will probably do the movements for you along with their class recording.  The song is called “Ancient Airs and Dances,” by Otterino Respighi.  He wrote it in 1917 in Italy.

Thank you, families, for everything you do for our students – especially in this crazy year.  February is the month to celebrate love, and I see it everywhere in our community.  Since we are not able to have concerts all together at this time, I am pleased to share the hard work of our students with you through video recording.  Please excuse my camera work, and I am looking forward when we can prepare a concert for you again : )

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