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Why are Alaskans getting vaccinated?

During a vaccine clinic, a nurse coworker asked why people wanted to get vaccinated and these are the reasons that they shared with her.

To stay healthy. To visit my mom and dad. For my husband. For my wife. For my kids. For the fishing season. For a normal tourist season. To stop this #!#* virus. This will help us return to normal when everyone who wants it gets it. So schools don’t need to close again. Because I have health problems and could get really sick if I get the COVID. Now honey, don’t you know? It’s the neighborly thing to do. Because it is safe. Think about all the scientist around the world who worked on this vaccine. To see a new grandbaby. For the economy. Because of the new variants. Well, I am old, but I sure would be happy to live longer and not die of that COVID.

Currently there are large groups of Alaskans that are eligible to receive the vaccine: school staff, essential workers > 49 yo, childcare workers, those who care for anyone who is an elder, most health care workers, those >49 with a high-risk medical condition and more.

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