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November 18, 2020

Being Thankful

I saw a student recently at Safeway.  He had moved away a few years ago but told me he always wanted to move back to Seward.  He would come to see me at the nurse’s office and we’d talk usually for a very long time.   He had problems at home and at school.  The young man standing before me now has a job and feels like he is doing well.  It is always affirming to know a student that has faced challenges at home and school can be resilient in his future.  A blossoming thought occurred while I was talking to this young man and I knew then that it is the connection with students that I have missed most this school year.   We all have definitely lost many things this year.  Ultimately, it has brought to the forefront what is truly important in my work and that is the connections I have made with students and staff.

Nurse Yoly

Yolanda Ifflander BSN, RN

School Nurse


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