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Retiring from school nursing is definitely a bittersweet moment in my life.   I started this job in 2009 and here it is already 2022.  I’ve seen many children from birth to graduation in my five schools of Seward MS, Seward HS, Moose Pass, Cooper Landing and Hope.  The staff, students and parents have left an indelible mark in my career as their school nurse for so many years.  The laughter outweigh the tears that have been rare.  Those rare tears were for the loss of students who battled their failing health since birth.  The many memories of laughter are mine and are too many to recount.  Truth be told, I am rather possessive of my schools and I hope nothing but the best for them in the future.  Thank you for letting me be part of these school communities.  I will miss you all.

Nurse Yoly

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