2020-2021 HHS Partial Week Schedule

Weekly Schedule 2020-2021

August 24 1-3-5-FOL First Day of School  Freshman Academy 10th, 11th & 12thGrade Health Lessons Senior & Junior Class Meetings1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6 2-4-6-FOL Freshman Academy 10th, 11th & 12thGrade Health Lessons Sophomore & Freshmen Class Meetings
August 31 1-3-5-FOL Freshman Academy1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6 2-4-6-FOL 1st Student Council Meeting
Sept. 7Labor Day No School1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-61-2-3-4-5-6
Sept. 14 1-3-5-FOL Eligibility Check1-2-4-62-3-4-5 Early Release1-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Sept. 21 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Sept. 28 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Oct. 5 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Oct. 121-2-3-4-5-61-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6End of Q1 No School Inservice
Oct. 19 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-5 Early Release Eligibility Check1-3-5-62-4-6-FOL Mariners on the Move
Oct. 261-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6Parent Teacher Conferences No SchoolParent Teacher Conferences No School
Nov. 2 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Nov. 9 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Nov. 16 1-3-5-FOL Eligibility Check 1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Nov. 231-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6ThanksgivingThanksgiving
Nov. 30 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
Dec. 7 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL Mariners on the Move
Dec. 141-2-3-4-5-61-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6End of Q2/S1 No School Inservice
January 4 1-3-5-FOL Eligibility Check 1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
January 11 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
January 18MLK Jr. Day No School1-2-4-62-3-4-5 Early Release1-3-5-61-2-3-4-5-6
January 25 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
February 1 1-3-5-FOL Eligibility Check 1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
February 8 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
February 151-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6 Early ReleaseParent Teacher Conferences No SchoolParent Teacher Conferences No School
February 22 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL Mariners on the Move
March 11-2-3-4-5-61-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6End of Q3  No School Inservice
March 8Spring BreakSpring BreakSpring BreakSpring BreakSpring Break
March 15 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-5 Early Release Eligibility Check1-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
March 22 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
March 291-2-3-4-5-61-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-6Vacation Day
April 5 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
April 12   1-3-5-FOL Eligibility Check 1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
April 19 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-5 Early Release1-3-5-62-4-6-FOL Mariners on the Move
April 26 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
May 3 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
May 10 1-3-5-FOL1-2-4-62-3-4-51-3-5-62-4-6-FOL
May 171-2-4-62-3-4-5 Finals Graduation1-3-5-6 FinalsIn-service Day End of Q4/S2 Eligibility Check on 5/26/21School’s Out for Summer!

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