Alyeska Resort – Dates and Times

Alyeska skiing has been a main topic of excitement at the Hope School. Alyeska Student Ski dates are as follows:

February 1st, 2022

February 8th, 2022

February 15th, 2022

February 22nd, 2022

March 1st, 2022

March 15th, 2022

Each student is responsible for bringing their own lunch. Students will typically eat lunch in their cars on the way or upon arrival to Alyeska Resort. Please make sure your child has a packed lunch. Please review the times listed below for your child’s schedule for each day they attend.

Arrival Time: 1:00 PM Start Time: 1:30 PM Finish Time: 3:30PM

PTO Student Representative Election Results

We would like to congratulate our newly elected Student Representative, Lille Stroh. All votes were counted. Upon review of the count for the student election, Lillie Stroh was elected having the most election votes. I spoke with Lille, after the election, she stated she would do her best to represent the student body at Hope School. We are fully confident, she will do an amazing job. Congratulation Lillie and to all of the students at Hope School for their successful election. We look forward to to working with you this school year.



4:02 pm – Called to order 

In attendance: Jess Hogan, Jeannine Jabaay; Eva Pate; Circe Schwentor; Virginia Morgan, Tammy Highley; Bec Howard

Principal report from Doug Hayman: 

  • School Development Plan sent to school; one academic plan for school year (K-3, literacy related; K-6, any academic goal) is due on 31 October; Principal Hayman will be at Hope School to meet with staff this Friday regarding the School Development Plan
  • Shared Tustumena’s school merch fundraiser through Custom Ink; suggested asking for a donation on order form
  • Still planning to being at Hope School on Wednesdays at roughly 2:30 pm

Teacher Report from Circe Schwentor (K-5)

  • Quarter ends on Friday
  • K-1 have been going with Mr. Eric in the morning for extra attention on phonetics and basic mathematics; afternoons are combined grades with science, social studies and some corresponding art projects; PE is joined ages 
  • She has a snack bag for kids who needs snacks; anyone may donate to the snack bag for the classroom; let teacher know if parents do not want their child to have a snack from the snack bag
  • School needs minimum twelve quality dodge balls; the 12 balls would cost approximately $100 plus shipping; Jeannine made the motion to purchase the balls, Circe seconded. Motion passes; an extra 12 balls will be purchased (24 total) by the PTO
  • Miss Christy, school counselor, meets with the kids on Wednesdays; she has been an excellent resource for the students 

Teacher Report from Tammy Highley (6-12)

  • Students have been focusing on writing and sentence structure, paragraph and essay development. Switching to novels in second quarter 
  • Students have been working on Alaskan history and people groups 
  • Students have been learning about the solar system and layers of the earth, rock cycle, and tectonic plate research
  • High school kids have three hours of online learning each day
  • Kids have expressed an interest in seeing Alaska Native Heritage Center to experience Alaskan culture 

Treasurer Report

  • $3,431.15 in account currently
  • Not much fundraising done in 2020-2021

Old Business

  • Need a student representative, Mrs. Highley will speak with students; this will be akin to a student government position
  • PTO Board introductions: New President, Jess Hogan; Remaining VP, Tahneta Stroh, New Secretary, Jeannine Jabaay; New Treasurer, Starre Haas
  • Virginia Morgan, school board representative, was in attendance; she introduced herself and is available if parents want something brought to the administration, or


  • Choosing one fundraiser idea a month 
  • OCTOBER: Merch sale, using LogoUp, who already has our logo 
  • NOVEMBER: Pie sale
  • JANUARY: Read-a-thon
  • MAY: Car wash 
  • Need ideas for remaining months 


  • Would like to see the costs clear and paid for ahead of time; Every kid should be able to ski, regardless of the cost; last year cost $140 each; 19 kids in school this year; $2,660 would be needed at that rate 
  • December could host a Winter Carnival outdoors at the school
  • Spirit Week could culminate in a “Hope Huskies Day” where students and staff wear Merch (or blue, if no logo wear)

Next PTO meetings

  • Second Tuesday of every month at 4:00 pm
  • Next meeting via zoom at Nov 9, 4pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:41 pm