Good Morning,

Just a reminder that we will have Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow, October 28th, from 11-3pm and 5-7pm. Conferences will be held in person in the commons area. Please enter at the KCHS Auditorium. The counselors will greet you with a map of where teachers will be and your student’s report card. This is also a great time to pay fees and update any address change information.

On Friday teachers will be available for Conferences by appointment only. Please contact your student’s teachers to schedule an appointment. You can find your teacher’s emails here-

If you have any questions please contact the office.

Thank you,

Misty Hamilton

Secretary III

Kenai Central High School


Principal Interviews

Principal interviews for Kenai Central High School

will be taking place April 6th, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 7:00PM.


Candidate #1: 4:00 PM- 5:00 PM

Candidate #2: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Candidate #3: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Please see the link below for the Audience Input Survey . This will go live at 6:30PM AST April 6th, 2021. The due date of no later than April 7th@ 7:00PM AST is noted at the top of the form.


Zoom information:

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Meeting ID: 898 8517 9356

Passcode: 406284

Community Input Meeting

Good Morning,

As you all know, Mrs. Randle has moved to Arizona due to a family medical emergency. Recently, she made the decision to take a leave of absence. Therefore, we will be starting the process of filling our principal position.

Monday, March 22nd at 5:30pm there will be a Community Meeting via zoom to gather information on what attributes KCHS stakeholders are looking for in their next administrator. After the meeting, a survey will be sent to all parents and staff in order to get everyone’s input.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Misty Hamilton is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Misty Hamilton’s Zoom Meeting

Time: Mar 22, 2021 05:30 PM Alaska

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Good Afternoon,

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held February 18th and 19th.  There are two options for you to choose from for conferences.

In Person- February 18th

There will be three time slots available.  

Time Slot 1:  11am-1pm

Time Slot 2:  2pm-4pm

Time Slot 3:  5-7pm

To select a time to come in the building for conferences, simply click the below google link and click the In Person Conference link. Please fill out the google form that opens with the time that works best for you. Each time slot has 30 spots available.  

In order to properly social distance, teachers will be holding conferences in their classrooms. Staff and Leadership students will be available to help you find your teacher’s room.

Please note that all masking, cleaning and social distancing procedures will be followed during our In Person Conferences. A COVID-19 liability waiver will also require your signature upon entering the school.

Remote Conferences-February 19th

Remote conferences will be held from 12pm-3pm. Appointments will be 15 minutes each.

To schedule a remote conference, click the below google link. Once opened, you will select a teacher and fill out the google form with your information and time you would like your appointment.

Google Link

Message from Mrs. Randle

Kenai Students and Families,

I can’t express to all of you how much I love this community and our amazing, fun-loving students.  Kenai Central High is the 9th school that I have worked in and I can say with proud conviction that it has been the very best 6 ½ years of my professional career.

Unfortunately, life brings unexpected changes and challenges, both requiring serious thought and decision-making.  On Friday, January 8th, this will be my last day at KCHS.  My best friend in the whole world is very sick and seeking medical attention out of state.  It is required that I be by his side through this experience.  The care that is required by me will be 24/7 and for the past couple of months, I have been preparing my mind, body and soul for this upcoming challenge.  When you get married to the most wonderful human being in the world, part of that commitment lies in taking care of that person, through the good, bad, and ugly.  Right now, he needs me more than ever and I am ready to be there for him.


Thank you for your children!   As we are all tired of Covid, it does makes my heart smile that our students will get to come back into our buildings.  I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued, unwavering support given to your children and our staff.  I am particularly appreciative for everything that you have been doing to support learning from home.  This has not been easy!  Trying to juggle multiple schedules and trying to deal with all of the normal challenges of family life simultaneously has been extremely tough.  Thank you so much.


It has been a remarkable yet crazy journey with all of you, especially that last year and a half.  I wish all of you the very best and hope that you realize that your wisdom is the most precious gift that you can ever possess.  ALWAYS strive to grow your knowledge and experiences.   Take chances left and right so that you will have a greater appreciation for life and achieve greater heights in your future.  BE KIND to everyone, even if you don’t feel like it.  It is amazing how paying it forward, opening a door for someone, or just giving a random smile or hello can make you feel inside.  Imagine how it makes the other one feel!!!

My hope is to be back in Alaska as soon as possible, but healing takes its own time.  My dream was to live in Alaska and for the last 12 years, my dream has come true every single day.

Love and happiness,

Briana Randle

KCHS Principal

A/B Schedule

Hello Kenai Central High School Families

Yesterday, January 5th, the district leadership announced that face to face instruction will resume Monday, January 11th on an A/B schedule for grades 7-12. I cannot express how excited we all are to have our Kardinal family back with us; it has been a long time coming and it is with open arms that we open up Kenai Central to our most valued population, our students and families.

Choice of Learning Mode:

Let me begin by first making clear that in either learning mode, a full 5 days of learning will be the expectation for both students and teachers.

Kardinal families will be given the opportunity to choose between 2 learning modes, whether it be, live two days a week or 100% remote. This choice will be available for students and families until mid-quarter eligibility checks (2/1/2021 – Quarter 3 and 4/12/2021 – Quarter 4) at which point, their choice will be set for the remainder of the quarter. The choice for learning modes will open again at the beginning of 4th quarter and will extend until April 12 2021.

Face to Face Instruction:

Face to face instruction will occur on the following schedule during high-risk red levels:

·       Monday and Wednesday:  A-K:  Group RED

·       Tuesday and Thursday:  L-Z :   Group BLACK

·       Friday:  100% Remote and Vulnerable/Intervention Students/High

         Risk Special Education Students

100% Remote by Choice:

Students that choose 100% remote learning as their learning mode will engage in their academics through our Kenai Central High School Website and will follow the regular 7 period bell schedule (found on our website in the “Parent” portal). Students will have access to their online classes and Zooms through the “Online” portal (in red) at the top of the website.

Please Submit your learning choice here as soon as possible: Learning Mode Survey

KPBSD Covid 19 Compliance:

In accordance with the state and district Covid 19 protocol, Kenai Central has updated its Return to School Guidance. I encourage you to review the KCHS Return to School Guidance and please contact the school with any questions/concerns that you may have, as your feedback is paramount.

Thank you all for choosing Kenai Central as your school home, and GO KARDS!

Will Chervenak

Kenai Central High School

Assistant Principal

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually this year on October 29th, from 12:00pm-7:00pm. If you are unable to meet during those times, please contact the school and we will work with you to set up an appointment time that works for you and the teacher.

To set up a Parent Teacher Conference you will need to click on the below link, find the teacher you would like to meet with and click on their name. Once you select the teacher it will direct you to the conference form, please fill out the required fields. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know the form was submitted successfully.

The Teacher will then contact you with either a zoom link, or they will call you during the time you have signed up for. Please repeat the process for each teacher you would like to meet with. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions

Parent Teacher Conferences