Hello and Welcome to Kenai Central High School

Dear Kenai Central Students and Families

On behalf of the entire Kenai Central High school staff, I would like to express our well wishes to our families during this temporary school closure.  It is extremely fortunate that we live not only in the state of Alaska, but in a close, caring community.  These current challenges that we are having to face will eventually pass.  We want to ensure that all of you remain informed and that there is an understanding that our efforts in providing instruction will be as normal as possible. 

Over the past two weeks, staff members have been working tirelessly to prepare for this new normal.  Although we all had a glimpse of remote learning last quarter, staff are continuing to work on new ways to provide educational opportunities remotely that are simple yet flexible.

Monday, August 24th, instruction begins.  We ask that all of you be patient as there will be glitches in material and device checkout and likely internet snafu’s.  It is safe to say that we have all experienced technical difficulties when large groups are connecting at once.  To say that all 430-plus students will be automatically connected on Monday would be ideal.  There will be challenges.  Please know that the first week of remote learning will be focused on connections and ensuring your child is present and heard. 

Canvas will be the instructional platform that all of our teachers will have their instructional materials.  Our updated school website will have every teachers Canvas and email so that parents can access and see exactly what your child is assigned.  If you have any questions about any instructional materials or assignments, feel free to contact those teachers.

I cannot state enough the importance of patience as we hone remote instruction and its delivery.  Continue referring to our school and district websites, Facebook, and any School Messenger communication delivered.  Stay healthy, wash your hands and we will all look forward to having our kids back in our building soon.


Briana Randle, Principal

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