KPBSD expands the onsite-at-school learning option during High COVID-19 Risk

Soldotna, January 5, 2021—KPBSD Pre-K through 6th grades can attend school onsite, every school day beginning Monday, January 11, 2021, during High COVID-19 Risk. Grades 7-12 will attend onsite two days a week, with a split A/B schedule—schools will be in contact with families to announce the plan they design. When COVID-19 risk levels drop into medium risk*, Grades 7-12 will switch to onsite learning five days a week. The 100% Remote Learning option will continue to be available.

Attending school onsite-at-school during high-risk (red):

  • Pre-K through Grade 6: every day, Monday through Friday. This includes 6th grade at all KPBSD schools
  • Grades 7-12: attend two times a week onsite, with a split schedule
  • School teams may identify additional at-risk or vulnerable students throughout the semester to attend additional time onsite
  • Schools will communicate their plans with students and families. Your patience is appreciated as these schedules are created and shared
  • Previously identified vulnerable students may continue to attend five days a week

These changes begin Monday, January 11, 2021, a week earlier than initially thought. Thank you to everyone for actions to reduce community COVID-19 transmission.

Please Read:

  • Shift in 2021: Instead of broad regional decisions to extinguish the onsite learning option, the KPBSD district level team will work with individual schools when a positive COVID-19 case occurs in a school requiring student or staff quarantine, or results in staffing shortages. Thus, you may experience only a classroom or specific school shift to the 100% Remote Learning option
  • To keep onsite learning happening and schools open, it is key that everyone follow the plans for health and safety. Thank you for sticking to the KPBSD Symptom Free School protocol
  • Bus transportation is provided on a normal schedule, everyone must wear a face covering, and seating plans will be put in place
  • Monday, January 18, 2021, is a school holiday for most schools, and the January early release date is cancelled

*How will I know when my school switches to Medium COVID-19 Risk operations (Yellow)?

The KPBSD team continues to monitor COVID-19 spread, health care capacity, and ability to staff and operate schools safely. You will receive an alert when a region will shift to medium risk operations—when this happens, all grades (PreK-12) have the option to attend school onsite, every day. Parents and families will receive a message from the district through School Messenger, and schools will also contact their families when this change would be in effect. Monitor your school risk level on the COVID-19 dashboard.


Middle and high school sport seasons will open with high-risk mitigation plans and ASAA protocols in place. Fidelity to these measures will ideally allow an entire season to be played without interruption or cancellation.

enhanced Safety plans

To keep schools safe and the COVID-19 transmission level low in school, these actions must be followed with fidelity at all times:

  • Staff and all ages of students wear a mask at all times
  • Mitigation plans at school sites must be faithfully and fully implemented
  • Pods or cohorts will be in consistent groups
  • 6’ physical distancing needs to occur whenever possible. Physical distance will keep staff and students healthy in school, minimize in-school exposure or transmission, and reduce the number of people who need to quarantine when a positive COVID-19 case occurs
  • Most school facilities are receiving upgrades to their HVAC air handling systems. KPBSD is installing O2 Prime in schools that have large central air handling units (that share air with other rooms in the building). Some areas and older schools do not have central air handling units supplying air to different rooms, and these facilities are being addressed differently as KPBSD continues to implement options for O2 Prime in unit ventilators and small furnaces
  • Enhanced sanitation with electrostatic sanitizer: spraying Electrolytically Generated Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is currently occurring at all schools
  • Staff and students: make sure to follow the KPBSD Symptom Free Schools protocol


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