Mind UP

    MindUP™ is the new Social Emotional Learning Curriculum that we
are introducing at Mountain View Elementary this year. MindUP™ is a
Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning or (CASEL) select
program, and as such has extensive research to back its effectiveness.
The first half of the MindUP™ Curriculum focusses on helping
students understand the parts of the brain and deepen their understanding
of their own mental processes. Kids are fascinated by the fact that their
brain is made up of different parts with different functions. As they begin to
understand more about the processes of, feeling, thinking and learning, the
groundwork is laid for them to monitor and regulate their behavior, calm
themselves in the face of anxiety, focus their attention, and take control
of their learning.
Two core practices of MindUp™ are Focused Awareness and Mindfulness.

    Focused awareness is simply the practice of pausing, listening, and
focusing on your breathing. As students become proficient at this practice,
they learn to quiet their brain and get ready to learn. This practice also
reinforces the habit of responding to anxiety by focusing on breathing.
Mindfulness is about attending to the here and now in a
considerate, non-judgmental way. The MindUP™ curriculum has multiple
sensory awareness lessons that help students learn and practice focusing
their attention on the task-at-hand and filtering out unnecessary stimuli.
The second half of the MindUP™ curriculum is dedicated to helping
students develop a positive mindset and includes lessons on perspective
taking, choosing optimism, and appreciating happy experiences. The final
lessons focus on gratitude and kindness.
Find out more about MindUP™, and how it can benefit your
students at school and at home by coming to our MindUP™ parent
night on February 26th. There will be a presenter from the MindUP™
team. More details will be coming soon.

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