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Spectator Waiver

Greetings to our Nikiski Community,

As most of you know by now we have moved out of the red or high risk scenario of COVID spread in our community.  The most exciting thing we are looking forward to is the possibility of in-person learning beginning on Tuesday, September 8th.  The district will be making that announcement by this afternoon (September 2nd). 

The other part that comes along with moving into the medium or yellow status, is the return of sports and activities.  This means we will be hosting our opening volleyball games on Thursday, September 3rd, against Kenai and a cross country meet with peninsula teams on Friday, September 4th, beginning at 3 pm.  For volleyball, the C-team will play at 3:30, JV at 4:30 and the varsity will take the court at 6 pm.

Although we are trying to return to a sense of normalcy with hosting sports and activities, I hope everyone understands that not everything will be exactly the same.  The COVID pandemic brings with it many challenges, restrictions and requirements that we will need to follow.  I hope everyone can agree with me that these things are absolutely worth it if it means we have kids back in school and back to participating in the activities they love.

The following are some requirements that we will need to abide by in order to make the return to activities successful:

  • First and foremost, as spectators, we need to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing between people in the stands.  This means that we can only allow 85 total people to sit in the bleachers in our gym at one time.  To ensure our varsity players have parents/guardians/family members at their game, each varsity team member will be given two tickets to guarantee entrance for the people they choose to come watch.  This means that each team will have 24 tickets for a total of 48.  That will leave 37 remaining seats for the other people in our community.  In the past we have not exceeded the capacity limit for C-team and JV games and do not anticipate that happening this year.  However, if we have a large amount of spectators for the earlier games, we will need to go through a process to ensure participants’ families have access to the game.
  • Every spectator that comes into our building will be required to go through a screening process.  The screening process includes: temperature check, questions regarding exposure to COVID-19 and your name, phone number, and email in the case of any exposure at our event.  This is a required procedure.
  • Every spectator that comes into our building will be required to wear a face mask at all times, even when seated in the bleachers and when physical distancing is maintained.
  • Every spectator will also be required to sign a waiver of liability related to COVID-19.  We will have those waivers available on our web site, Facebook page, and at the event.  If you do plan to attend, we ask that if at all possible, you have those waivers signed and ready to hand in when you arrive at the school.
  • The entry fee for our games will be the same as it was in previous years ($5-Adult, $3-Student, $3-Senior, $2-Bulldog Parent, $15-Family).  This year we have the capacity to accept credit card purchases for entry into our games and we will still accept cash.  Please be aware that there is a 3.6% surcharge for credit card purchases (i.e. $5 = $5.18).
  • While in yellow or medium risk, there will be no concessions offered.  We will have vending machines available to purchase drinks.
  • Spectators will be required to be in the gym, and not allowed to loiter in the commons.  There will be a restroom available in the commons to use that will be monitored for capacity.  We will have the different spaces to walk through our building marked for ease of use.
  • We are encouraging any high-risk or vulnerable population individuals and those who have been sick to stay at home.
  • All of our games will be live-streamed on Facebook Live at the Nikiski Middle/High School Facebook page.

We understand that this is not exactly a return to normal and in order to attend an event here, you may be asked to adhere to something you may not agree with.  We appreciate and respect your standpoint and hope that you can respect the restrictions and requirements that have been placed on our schools.  We hope to see you soon and…Let’s Go Bulldogs!!

Dan Carstens
Nikiski Middle-High School

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