Welcome to Razdolna School!

Сообщение от директора

I’m sure that many of you are wondering what this school year will look like for Razdolna. Our first school priority will be to ensure your child’s safety while he/she is in class. We also intend to provide the most rigorous, relevant, and responsive learning environment possible for every child.

Our aim is to have as much of a normal schedule and instructional routine as possible by the start of the school year. Given the events surrounding COVID-19, school districts are expected to develop plans for the safe start-up of school in 2020-21. KPBSD’s Smart Start 2020 Plan incorporates three risk levels based on a 14-day average of cases around the community:

  • In a Green or Low Risk environment, school will open on a normal schedule, and be as typical as possible with increased health and hygiene measures in place
  • In a Yellow or Medium Risk environment, plans may require safe social distancing in schools and during bus transportation, smaller groupings of students, the possibility of wearing cloth face masks in some settings, and options for remote work or learning for higher risk students and staff
  • If we were experiencing community spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus, this would trigger Red or High Risk plans to be implemented which will likely result in the closure of some schools, and the need to provide remote off site instruction in that region of the district

KPBSD has a number of parent and community resources online available for viewing. Additional resources, such as a visual map of risk levels for each community, will be coming soon. As you consider how our school year will start, please take a look at several resources that I’ve highlighted below:

Additional Resources

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to reach out to me. As always, THANK YOU for your support for the children of Razdolna School.

Greg Melvin

Немного истории о школе Раздольна

Late December back in ‘83, in the KPBSD archived Board Policy (BP), Vasily Basargin represented Razdolna’s first petition of a formal educational program. Children had been working thru correspondence studies (schooling via postal mail), but the system had limits, and families desired something better. Dr. Pomeroy – then KPBSD Superintendent – visited the Village of Razdolna shortly thereafter to discuss options, and events quickly unfolded. By Feb. 29th, 1984, Razdolna Elementary had its first day of school. Serving only Grades K-8… (continued)

School Handbook – Что Нового?

    Teachers and staff are excited to be working with your child this year! Our 1st week of school has been quite successful, and has involved teachers introducing to students classroom routines, expectations, and a review of the new Student-Parent Handbook.  Please click the image to the right if you want to look at it! Since the concept of a school Student-Parent Handbook is new for most students, it is quite understandable how children may feel we have “new” rules.  However, we’ve only made a few changes to the school rules (such as student cell phones), and the remaining rules from last year have simply been written out for increased visibility & parental awareness. I’ve highlighted below the “What’s New” rules for Razdolna School this year:

  • Cell Phones – during school hours, all MS/HS students must place their cell phones in their classroom teacher’s designated location (usually a pocket holder on the wall). Students will not use cell phones during school hours, other than their Snack Break or when allowed by their teacher for educational purposes. This does include tablets.
  • Late Slips – if a student arrives more than 15min. to class, that student must retrieve a Late Slip from the secretary. The Late Slip will be given to that student’s classroom teacher, and can be used to keep parents aware that their child actually arrived at school. This is a safety measure, as we had a number of students skipping school last year without the parent’s knowledge. If you are interested in knowing whether your child arrived to school on-time, the Secretary has all arrival times for late students.
  • RoboCalls – this is a continuation of what we started last Spring for unexcused absent students. In order to give your child the best education possible, and to increase parent awareness that their child is in school, RoboCalls are sent out for any unexcused absence. Parents may prevent RoboCall by calling the school in-advance to excuse their child for any of the reasons listed in the handbook (religious reasons, medical, etc.).
  • ATV Rules – Last year, we had students talk back disrespectfully to staff whenever a staff member called out that student for driving unsafely. If a student shows disrespect to a staff member that had called him/her out for driving unsafely, that student’s ATV keys will immediately be confiscated. Your child’s safety is our top priority!
  • Student Responsibility” section (from McNeil’s handbook)
  • Honor Roll” Recognition

The Razdolna Student-Parent Handbook is specific to needs at our school, and is designed to support the KPBSD Parent-Student Handbook. Parents are welcome to provide feedback, or suggest changes, at any time of the school year. An opportunity to discuss the Student-Parent Handbook will be given at our first Site Council Meeting on Tuesday, September 24th. Please join us!!

Thank you,

Greg Melvin
Razdolna Principal