Remote Learning

What can students & families do to prepare for Remote Learning?

  1. Check your school gmail daily!  Add student’s district gmail to your preferred device. 

  2. Use your Google Calendar invites.  Courses will send invites for the virtual meeting times.  Accept them and then prepare to attend during those times.  “Class Time” is much shorter in our remote learning world. Every minute counts.  Be there. 

  3. Set up a comfortable, dedicated space for remote learning.  You should have adequate lighting, power, technology (if applicable), etc… 

  4. Create (and follow) a schedule for your remote learning.  Write/draw a physical schedule and post it. Include mentor check ins, learning teams, morning meeting, content classes and PLT time for your PFAs.  

  5. Set Goals.  Shea says it best with “Set a Goal!” Use your goal setting function to organize and set your priorities, as well as your time management.  

  6. Create a (Covid-19/CDC compliant) study group.  Connect with your friends and classmates in working together on projects or assignments.  Even just the motivation of a Google Chat or text message can be enough to ensure your work gets done.  

  7. Communicate.  Ask for help when you need it.  Sign in for Office Hours – even if you’re just working.  Email or call your mentor. Don’t skip morning meetings or check ins.   Participate in school-wide virtual activities. It’s important to remain connected to our community.