Students returning 1/11 parent letter from Mr. Walker

Dear parents or gaurdians,

I could not be more excited to confirm that on Monday, January 11th, 7-8 grade students will be able to attend class in-person and an AA/Remote/BB schedule.  6th grade students will be able to attend classes in-person five (5) days per week.


The AA/Remote/BB means that 7-8 grade students organized into the “A” cohort will attend their 1-4 blocked classes on Monday, their 5-8 blocked classes on Tuesday, and the remainder of their weekly instruction will occur online on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

7-8 grade Students organized into the “B” cohort will attend their 1-4 blocked classes on Thursday, their 5-8 blocked classes on Friday, and the remainder of their weekly instruction will occur online on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

To be clear:  Students will receive instruction five (5) days per week.  However, only two (2) of those days will be in-person.  Students will need their devices and are required to log on, as per teachers’ instructions, to actively engage in their learing every day—regardless of whether they are remote or in-person.

All parents have the ability to continue their child(ren)’s education 100% remotely if this is the best option to meet family’s needs.  If you haven’t aready, please complete the survey, LINKED HERE, to share your plans within the context of this revised 2020 Smart Start COVID Mitigation Plan.  Please do a separate survey for each child you have enrolled at Seward Middle School.

There will be a small group of students, referred through our Intervention Team, who will participate in-person for both cohorts.

Our school day remains 7:50-1:50 so that teachers can use the extra time, within the student-contact day, to support our remote learners—including members of the opposite cohort NOT attending in-person that day.

Busses will run their regular routes and at their regular times five (5) days per week to accommodate the transportation needs of our pre-k-6th grade students.

Health Mandates:

Splitting the 7-8 grade classes will allow us to more effectively contact-trace if/when we identify a COVID-19 spread within the building and will only impact a maximum of half of our students if a quarantine is warranted.  The 100% remote instructional day on Wednesday will also allow us to thoroughly sanitize the instructional spaces between cohorts.

The 6 grade will be cohorted together exclusively in the North Pod and gym.  There will be very minimal contact between 6th and 7-8th grade students.

A reminder:  Students WILL WEAR masks for the entire time they are on the bus and on campus.  The only exception will be when they are actively eating or drinking.  We will also require and enforce 6’ distancing.

Finally, the Symptom-Free Protocols remain in place.  If your child(ren) have any COVID-related symptoms, then you must keep them at home.


 I’m pleased to announce that Nordic Ski practice has already begun and volleyball practice is scheduled to begin on January 11th.  Students are required to wear masks for all practices and competitions.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to make up the missed Basketball season.  IF you paid your child(ren)’s activity fee for Basketball, THEN you can contact Loretta Honebein at (907) 224-9010 for a reinbursement, OR you could ask that those funds be transferred to Nordic Skiing or volleyball if your child(ren) are interesting in participating in either of these winter sports.


All students will be issued a locker during the week of January 11th.  As per our Mitigation Plan, however, students will only be able to access their lockers before and after school and during lunch.  Please ensure your child(ren) has/have a backpack/satchel in which they can carry their laptops/Chromebooks and other instructional materials.  They should leave their cell phones in their lockers.


Please continue to do your part to keep our community spread low.  If you’re watching the numbers, then you’ll note that we are officially on a downward trend.  IF we get our numbers into the yellow, then we’ll be able to open the schools to all of our students the way we had it set up in the fall.  I will endeaver to keep you updated as I learn new information.  I the mean time, mask up, distance, avoid large gatherings!  This is a community effort that benefits us all—especially our school!

Please direct questions, comments, and/or concerns to me at 224-9025 or via email at


Trevan Walker, principal

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