Welcome to Susan B. English School, home of the Sea Otters!  We are a K-12 school located in Seldovia, Alaska and part of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Seldovia is a South-Central Alaska, coastal community of about 250 year-round residents. Our off-road living students are supported by a district that is leading the state in the use of technology in the classroom.Their teachers personalize learning using a variety of delivery platforms aimed to support, yet challenge, each student on their educational pathway to young adulthood. At Susan B. English School, we offer students smaller class sizes; one-on-one support with deeply committed and experienced teachers; one-to-one technology for each student; and a real chance to learn about and live community in their classrooms. Susan B. English School hits just the right balance between small school focus, academic expectations, and rigor.

Currently high school students are taking foreign language, math, and introduction to education courses via distance education. Many students take advantage of our district’s partnerships with higher education institutions to earn dual credits during high school; some students graduate from Susan B. English with a semester’s worth of college credit! The Susan B. English School Booster Club offers scholarship opportunities to help SBE families cover the costs of the KPBSD JumpStart program.

Our K-4 classroom allows students to interact with all grade levels and generally learn at a pace that works for them.  Elementary students form a unique family in their classroom and provide help and support to each other during their time together in Ms. Bornheimer’s classroom.  These bonds and skills last throughout their years at Susan B. English and serve them well for a lifetime.

Built in 1972, Susan B. English School is a beautiful facility with a full sized gymnasium, pool, and newly renovated shop building.  We’ve had State Champion volleyball and basketball teams along with competitive academic teams and regularly organize educational based school trips to the East Coast.

Seldovia is a place where families enjoy the slower pace of life off the road system and Susan B. English School is a place where the whole community supports the efforts of our school and our children.  Want to learn more about us?  Feel free to call the school directly at 907-234-7616 or visit the City of Seldovia website for more information about the greater community.

Susan B. English School, where you otter be!

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