Starting Back- Last minute reminders: from newsletter

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for us. We will be doing our best to make it go off without a hitch but because it is all new that may not be the case. Our Tustumena Staff will be meeting Wednesday morning to discuss any changes we see needing to be addressed. Safety will be our primary focus but we will also be looking to form a productive routine. Getting off to a good start is important so I thought I would throw out a few reminders.

First- Everyone coming into the building has to wear a mask. Once kids have entered their classrooms and safe social distance can be established, the masks can be stored until we go into shared areas like the hallway.

Second- In order to spread folks out as much as possible, we are using three entrances. Primary students (K-3) use the entry by the kindergarten room, intermediate students (4-6) go in by the fifth grade room, and all students who intend to pick up a breakfast and bring it back to their room, come in the main entrance as well as all adults.

Parents, I truly hate to ask, because I enjoy seeing you and I support your wanting to walk your kids in the building, but I must ask that you stay in your cars or say good-bye on the sidewalk. I hope this tradition is short lived.

Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to sign up for the Boys and Girls Club. Not just for after school but also if you need a before school option (they will be here at 7:30am) and if we do go back to the unspeakable (remote learning) the B&G Club has funds to prepare science and art packets that we as a school don’t have. There is not a down side to joining the Boys and Girls Club, even if you don’t use it, the option is there to have your child stay after if you can not meet them at home or pick them up. I will attach a flyer to the newsletter as well. Remember, because of the 21st Century grant they received, there is no cost to any Tustumena students.

See you tomorrow.

Doug Hayman

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