Today is the last day of school

Today is the last day of school. I wanted to compliment our students for being such amazing people and working so hard at their studies. The students are all excited about parents coming to the school today and buying their little starts and treats. They worked together well and it was a wonderful learning experience in relation to being self sufficient. Thank you to our little bakers and planters. Thank you to Mr. Jeremy McKibben and Ms. Dawn Hammond-Sammet for their hard work as well. The middle and high school students also worked hard this year and have been an excellent example in leadership, cooperation and planning with Mrs. Christen Peck. Thank you to the parents who always come through for the students and staff because you are also one of the important ingredients to not only a student’s success but also that of the school as a whole. Our parents and community members have shined like beacons this year and we thank them for all they have contributed. The Secretary isn’t half bad either. 🙂 She often starts the mornings with smiles and kindness. Finally, the encouragement and dedication of our Principal, Cindy McKibben toward the school as a whole has made this year an ending to celebrate and our District Leaders for bringing her to us. HAPPY SUMMER BREAK

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