4:02 pm – Called to order 

In attendance: Jess Hogan, Jeannine Jabaay; Eva Pate; Circe Schwentor; Virginia Morgan, Tammy Highley; Bec Howard

Principal report from Doug Hayman: 

  • School Development Plan sent to school; one academic plan for school year (K-3, literacy related; K-6, any academic goal) is due on 31 October; Principal Hayman will be at Hope School to meet with staff this Friday regarding the School Development Plan
  • Shared Tustumena’s school merch fundraiser through Custom Ink; suggested asking for a donation on order form
  • Still planning to being at Hope School on Wednesdays at roughly 2:30 pm

Teacher Report from Circe Schwentor (K-5)

  • Quarter ends on Friday
  • K-1 have been going with Mr. Eric in the morning for extra attention on phonetics and basic mathematics; afternoons are combined grades with science, social studies and some corresponding art projects; PE is joined ages 
  • She has a snack bag for kids who needs snacks; anyone may donate to the snack bag for the classroom; let teacher know if parents do not want their child to have a snack from the snack bag
  • School needs minimum twelve quality dodge balls; the 12 balls would cost approximately $100 plus shipping; Jeannine made the motion to purchase the balls, Circe seconded. Motion passes; an extra 12 balls will be purchased (24 total) by the PTO
  • Miss Christy, school counselor, meets with the kids on Wednesdays; she has been an excellent resource for the students 

Teacher Report from Tammy Highley (6-12)

  • Students have been focusing on writing and sentence structure, paragraph and essay development. Switching to novels in second quarter 
  • Students have been working on Alaskan history and people groups 
  • Students have been learning about the solar system and layers of the earth, rock cycle, and tectonic plate research
  • High school kids have three hours of online learning each day
  • Kids have expressed an interest in seeing Alaska Native Heritage Center to experience Alaskan culture 

Treasurer Report

  • $3,431.15 in account currently
  • Not much fundraising done in 2020-2021

Old Business

  • Need a student representative, Mrs. Highley will speak with students; this will be akin to a student government position
  • PTO Board introductions: New President, Jess Hogan; Remaining VP, Tahneta Stroh, New Secretary, Jeannine Jabaay; New Treasurer, Starre Haas
  • Virginia Morgan, school board representative, was in attendance; she introduced herself and is available if parents want something brought to the administration, vmorgan@kpbsd.k12.ak.us or boardofeducation@kpbsd.k12.ak.us


  • Choosing one fundraiser idea a month 
  • OCTOBER: Merch sale, using LogoUp, who already has our logo 
  • NOVEMBER: Pie sale
  • JANUARY: Read-a-thon
  • MAY: Car wash 
  • Need ideas for remaining months 


  • Would like to see the costs clear and paid for ahead of time; Every kid should be able to ski, regardless of the cost; last year cost $140 each; 19 kids in school this year; $2,660 would be needed at that rate 
  • December could host a Winter Carnival outdoors at the school
  • Spirit Week could culminate in a “Hope Huskies Day” where students and staff wear Merch (or blue, if no logo wear)

Next PTO meetings

  • Second Tuesday of every month at 4:00 pm
  • Next meeting via zoom at Nov 9, 4pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:41 pm

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