We at the Hope School would like very much for each and every parent and community member to be a part of this schools activities. It is our goal to make sure each of you are aware of the volunteer application processes. Nate Crabtree, Director of Human Services of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District provides a brief statement in reference to the responsibility of our District to safeguard students while they are in our care. He further explains each and every volunteer must complete the process to become a volunteer. All of our Hope parents are aware of this procedure at this time. Our hopes are that you will help to get the word out to others in the community. Share this information and encourage all who can to help. We can speak to those who may not be able to help and encourage them about simply being present and giving words of kindness and encouragement.

Moving forward into this upcoming school year, we are also looking at bringing our community into a time of coming back together here in Hope, Alaska. We are unique in the way we come together. Many of the Hope residents have been such a wonderful part of this school in the past. We want to hear from you. We would love your input. Our Hope School PTO meeting is a wonderful and official way of communicating, setting goals, sharing information between Hope School, Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Students.

Our last and final meeting for 2021-2022 School Year of the Hope PTO will be on May 2nd and is normally held at 4:00 PM at the Hope School or via Zoom, depending on what the PTO designates. I will be announcing this again prior to May 2nd. However, we want to give our community a time to work on bringing us back into communication and planning for Hope School. One of the most important things we can do at a final meeting is to make sure we know each other and make sure we all have contact information for the future school year. Schools should always have a clear line of communication and the information should always be shared with everyone for transparency, clarity and to abide by KPBSD policy. Any information you seek should be found within our District site but you may ask the staff for help at any time you need assistance in obtaining the information you seek. Each of us are happy to assist you.

KPBSD has a Covid Mitigation Plan in effect for our school. The school district has been very thorough about keeping our students and staff safe. Although we are all so very happy to see mandates and restrictions lifted but we must all adhere to rules, requirements and specifications as outlined within the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District COVID-19 Mitigation Plan.

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