Governing Structure – Advisory Council


The Kenai Alternative High School Governance Structure has replaced the traditional Site Council per Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board Administration Regulation (AR) 0420 which states that a “request can be made to the Superintendent to consider a substitute process for gather information and assisting with site decision making.” This structure was approved in 2009.

The Kenai Alternative Governance Structure is based on Kenai Alternative staff, parents, students, and community partners that include the following organizations:

Kenai Police Department, Department of Juvenile Justice, Kenai United Methodists, Soldotna United Methodists Church, Kenai Lions Club, Kenai Elks Club, Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kenai Community Library, Kenai Aviation, Peninsula Points of Prevention, Lee Shore Prevent, Change 4 the Kenai, KPBSD Sources of Strength, Central Emergency Services, and Independent Living Center.


On a regularly scheduled basis (at least four times in a school year), the staff meets with representatives from the above agencies and organizations, parents, and students to gather information and assist with site decisions related to the education of our students in academic, social/emotional, and vocational realms. We are in a constant state of adjusting our program using the recommendations of these community partners for the increased success of our student population.

Parents and students are invited and made aware of the meeting date and times. Their input is taken very seriously. Historically, student and parent participation has been very limited; however, all input is appreciated and taken seriously.


Minutes are taken and are available for review on the school website.


The Advisory Council board shall consist of no less than five members, and a quorum must be present for a vote to be taken. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the membership of the council shall constitute a quorum. A majority, fifty-one percent (51%), is required for a vote to pass.

The Advisory Council shall attempt to reach consensus in all decisions and recommendations. In the event consensus cannot be reached, a vote shall be taken by a show of hands with a simple majority prevailing. Robert’s Rules of Order may be used, if needed, to address resolution of a controversial issue.

Council Roles


  • Serves as a resource providing information regarding the local school educational program.
  • Keeps the council apprised of school district policies, curriculum, etc.
  • Facilitates the distribution of council minutes and agendas.
  • Plans each meeting and establishes an agenda in a timely manner to notify the community of the purpose of each meeting.
  • Calls the meeting to order, maintains order, and sees that the meeting is properly adjourned.


  • Keeps accurate, complete minutes and makes them available to the public via the school website.
  • Keeps accurate records of council membership, attendance, duties, and special assignments.

Parent and Community Representatives

  • Function as council members according to established procedures, making suggestions and recommendations representative of the view of parents, citizens, and community organizations.
  • Participate regularly in council meetings and carry out council assignments.
  • Act as resource persons for the council, especially in the solutions to community-related problems that affect the school and its pupils.

Student Representatives

  • Serve as representatives of all students securing suggestions and recommendations from members of the student body for consideration by the council.
  • Participate regularly in council meetings and carry out council assignments.

Faculty and Staff Representatives

  • Function as representatives of both classified and certified staff members and represent the views and interests of the school staff.
  • Participate regularly in council meetings and carry out council assignments.
  • Act as resource persons for the council by making available specialized information about the educational program, innovate ideas, and available resources.

Meeting Minutes

Kenai Alternative High School
705 N. Frontage Rd Suite C
Kenai, Alaska 99611

KAHS Alternative Governing Structure Minutes

Meeting Date: 8/30/2017

Time: 2:05 pm

Location: KAHS Kitchen

Mr. Dusek addressed the group. He shared the district’s plan for moving forward with Personalized Learning. He thanked the group for their hard work and dedication to our community youth. Mr. Dusek also reminded the group to get out and vote in the up and coming election.

Mr. Reese shared with the group the up and coming community events that are associated with KAHS. He thanked all that would be participating and helping with these and shared their purpose.

Mr. Reese shared the grants that KAHS had been awarded and how the funds would be allocated.

Lindsey Reese, representative from the Kenai Food Pantry, and community partner of KAHS, shared with the group the number of families and student aged individuals had been served by this organization. Mr. Reese shared with the group how KAHS helps the KFP and vise-versa.

Mr. Reese shared with the group the current student enrollment and where the school was with numbers in early August. He projected that the school would see an increase in numbers during the Fall months.

The group was given information on the partnerships between ABC Charter, Boys and Girls Club, and KAHS. It was shared that the groups would be sharing a new kiln that had been purchased. Previously, all ceramic pieces had been transported to KCHS for firing.

Mr. Reese shared with the group that KAHS was part of wave 3 of Personalized Learning. He gave examples of how the teachers are currently implementing Personalized Learning.

Mr. Reese ended the meeting by thanking Mr. Dusek, parents, students, and community members for attending.

Meeting Minutes for 11-8-2017

Location: KAHS Kitchen

Time: 2:05 pm

Mr. Reese shared information about the up and coming school event.   He shared the planning stages the school is in with its students and final preparations that still needed to be made.

Mr. Reese shared the school would be conducting an ALICE practice drill in December.  The drill would take place with the assistance of KPD.

Mr. Reese shared information about a generous donation made by the Kenai Home Depot.  Students were given gift bags that contained socks, gloves, candy, and employment reference cards for Home Depot.

Mr. Reese shared KAHS was working with ABC to add additional security cameras to the outside of the main building.  Progress of this would be updated at a later meeting.

Mr. Reese updated the student enrollment and graduation numbers to date.  Mr. Reese ended the meeting by thanking everyone for attending.

Meeting Minutes for March 7, 2018

Location: KAHS

Time: 2:05 pm

Mr. Reese opened the meeting by sharing what the school would be sharing at the upcoming month’s board meeting.  He shared that the students would be heavily participating in the presentation.

Mr. Reese shared that the school was considering a field trip to AVTEC for the spring.  It was discussed that many of the students attending KALT during this spring shared an interest in learning more about the program.

Mr. Reese updated the group and shared that 5 more students were graduating during Rotation 4.  He also shared that the 5th rotation schedule had been set and that the school expected 5 new additional students for the last rotation of the year.

Mr. Reese ended the meeting by reminding the group of the final meeting for the year.  It was scheduled for April 10 during lunch.  He said it would be conducted with a lunch provided by the school’s cooking class.

Meeting Minutes for April 10th, 2018

Location: KAHS

Time: 2:05

Mr. Reese opened the meeting thanking the breakfast crew for their continued dedication to the KAHS program.  He reminded them that this was the 24th year of them working with KAHS students.

Mr. Reese updated the group with the number of expected graduates.  He anticipated between 27 and 29 graduates.

Mr. Reese shared information regarding the Alaska Safe Children’s Act.  KAHS was awarded part of the grant.  The grant was going to be used to work with students during the early part of June.

Mr. Reese ended the meeting with an invitation to the KAHS graduation on May 22 at 5:pm.

Meeting Minutes for September 5

Location: KAHS

Time: 2:05

Mr. Reese started the meeting welcoming everyone and sharing information regarding student enrollment and potential graduate numbers for the first semester.

Mr. Reese shared that the school was planning a field trip for September 20.  The trip will be school wide and take place at Cooper Landing.

Mr. Reese shared information regarding the school’s main community days.  Thanksgiving Day and Grinch Day.  The dates for these events will be November 13 and December 20.  He asked if anyone was willing to help for donation for the Grinch Day.

It was suggested that the Grinch Day be moved to the Methodist Church across the street from the school.  The suggestion came out of space and tables for the yearly event.

Mr. Reese shared that the staff was working with Ed Elements and would be doing so for the remainder of the year.

Mr. Reese concluded the meeting with thanking everyone with attending and their dedication the KAHS program.

November 15, 2018

Mr. Reese started the meeting with sharing information about the Thanksgiving Day Celebration.  He shared that the staff and students had fed over 200 attendees.  He indicated that this year was the biggest participation from the community in recent years.

Mr. Reese asked individuals from community partners for assistance in preparing for the up and coming Grinch Day Celebration on December 20.  The event, like last year, will be held across the street at the Kenai Methodists Church.  Members indicated that they would be contacting folks from their church to gather items.

Mr. Reese indicated that the school was preparing launching PL strategies.  The staff would be looking at ideas during the December In-Service.

Mr. Reese indicated that at this point, the school has already had 6 graduates.  He expected based on current student enrollment that school would have twenty plus graduates by May.

Mr. Reese indicated that the next meeting would take place in April during the volunteer luncheon.

April 10, 2019

Mr. Reese opened the meeting by thanking the 20 volunteers in attendance.  He thanked the students for making the meal.  He indicated that the meal was cooked as a final exam for the students and that they had been participating in an after school academy class.

Mr. Reese indicated that the staff had just completed one Learning Walk with Ed Elements.  They would be conducting a second in late April.

Mr. Reese shared information about the conclusion of the Project Aware grant.  He thanked Ms. Lawyer for her dedication for the program and most importantly the students.

Mr. Reese indicated that he believed they would have 21-23 graduates by the years end.  He invited all members to attend the graduation on May 22.

He indicated that he thought the school would have summer school for the first time.  This would be grant funded.

Mr. Reese concluded the meeting with thanking the volunteers for their dedication to the KAHS students.

September 12, 2019

Mr. Reese opened the meeting by thanking those that were in attendance.  Mr. Reese discussed the current student enrollment.  He stated that while the population was typically low for this time of the year, he felt the numbers would be going up as more students would be interviewing.

Mr. Reese informed the people that the Project Aware position would cease to exist in its current capacity as of September 30.  Students would still be able to seek services and support from the school but would not be available all 5 days of the week.

Mr. Reese discussed the up and coming Thanksgiving Day Celebration.  It would take place of November 19, 2019.

Mr. Reese said that there would be a school wide field trip in early October.  The school is planning on attending the Russian River Falls area.

Mr. Reese discussed the next meeting for sometime in November or December.

Mr. Reese ended the meeting by thanking those people who showed.

November 13, 2019

Mr. Reese Welcomed the parents and community partners. The meeting opened with staff discussing the needs of students for the upcoming Grinch Day on December 19. Mr. Reese asked the community partners with assistance with the upcoming community event. It was recommended that it be held at the Kenai Methodist Church. The group agreed that this would be the nest location for the event based on the number of kids.

Mr. Reese updated the group on the number of graduates for the 2nd Rotation. Five students will be meeting graduating requirements for this 7 week period.

Mr. Reese asked the staff to take an in-house survey with students to see who needed a new coat or gloves for the winter break.

Mr. Reese concluded the meeting by setting the next meeting date sometime during 3rd Rotation.

February 24, 2020

Mr. Reese welcomed the group and thanked everyone for being there.

The meeting opened with a review the Grinch Day celebration and and the number of students to date who had graduated for the school year. To date, 12 students have met graduation requirements. The Grinch Day went well. There are enough pillow cases for the coming school year event.

Mr. Reese stated that Graduation will be on May 18, 2020 in the gym. He stated that he expected 22-25 graduates for the year.

Mr. Reese stated that the state grant was being used for the funding the breakfast program through the end of the year. The money allocated would provide for paper products and the food used to feed the kids. Currently 75% of the students utilize the breakfast program.

The next meeting date will be scheduled for May 2020.