Did you know?

Kenai Middle offers Band, Choir, Home Ec, Art and Shop!

90% of Kenai Middle Students participate in extra-curricular activites!

Kenai Middle Students participate in gym classes daily!

Middle School students at KMS enjoy recess everyday!

About our Classrooms

Kenai Middle students benefit from smaller class room sizes of 22 to 26 per teacher.

Kenai Middle implements Personalized Learning to ensure that every student has the ability to maximize their potential.

KMS Vision for Students

  • We believe in the inherent good of every student.
  • Our primary function is to facilitate through education, each individual’s ability to reach his/her highest potential in an environment which is safe physically, academically and socially.
  • We strive to foster each individual’s growth during the transition from elementary school to high school by implementing flexible scheduling, interdisciplinary curriculum, and exploratory programs.
  • We provide opportunities through well-defined and structured programs for students to interact socially and to apply their knowledge to experiences in other areas.
  • Our staff will evaluate the changing needs of students and work together with parents and community to enable our students to become responsible members of society.


How many teachers will we have?

6th graders will have two teachers for core classes and two exploratory teachers per quarter.

7th & 8th graders will have a different teacher for each core class and possibly different teachers for their exploratory classes each semester.

Do we have lockers?

Each student will have an assigned hall locker and a gym locker. Locker information will be given to you during registration. We ask that you not share lockers and only use the one given to you.

Is a P.E. uniform required?

Yes, a uniform shirt is required to be matched to the bottom of your choosing. Uniform jersey’s can be purchased from the office or in our online store.

School Enrollment Info

Kenai Middle School typically has an enrollment between 360 to 400 students in 6th thru 8th grades.

New to District Registration Link – Click the link to begin the online registration process or call 283-1700 for help.

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