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A Note from our School Nurse

All Hands on Deck

My daughter graduated in May 2020. Covid upended our world in March 2020. I had decided to do University tours her junior year because I knew that her Senior year was going to be phenomenally busy with prom, sports, paperwork for college, SAT exam, scholarship applications, award and graduation ceremonies and a graduation trip. Needless to say, my daughter and her family did not fully get to celebrate her rite of passage her Senior year. She had maybe 10 minutes with us on an empty stage and theater taking graduation pictures. Some students were not able to pick up their awards because they were close contacts or they were positive for Covid-19. The town parade was a moment that made me so proud of being part of this community because for that brief moment, we were celebrating our graduating kids.

Here we are 2021, still struggling with the same issues of our students missing school, sports and events because of being a close contact and or being positive for Covid-19.

Events are around the corner again such as graduation, college tours, holiday trips, family visits and sport championships for boroughs or State. Right now our local Safeway is providing vaccination against Covid-19 for free with or without insurance. Let’s all work together to fight Covid-19 and not miss anymore celebrations.

Nurse Yoly