Kenai Alt Smart Start

Interviews Prior to school starting on the 24th of August, all student interviews will be conducted over the phone. If you are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact the school at 335-2870.

In a typical day, how long will my child be required to wear a mask? The answer will vary. Currently, we are requiring all students and staff to wear a mask in all areas of our main building (classroom, hallway, and office) where we cannot guarantee that 6 feet of physical distance is maintained. During physical education time, students will not be required to wear a mask. However, should they decide to wear a mask during PE class, they may do so.

Will the school provide masks? Masks will be part of the school supply list that parents/guardians will need to provide. In the event that a family cannot supply a mask for any reason, a mask will be supplied for the students. In case a student does not have a mask for the day, a mask will be provided for them. Masks may have the school logo on them. However, masks will political or non-school approved material on them, will be required to be removed.

Is wearing a mask a requirement? What happens if my student does not wear a mask? As mentioned above, mask wearing is mandatory during the school day for all staff and students when 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained. If for some reason a student cannot wear a mask, the student will be required to wear a face shield that goes down past their chin.

What will sanitation look like? Commonly touched areas will undergo frequent sanitation, multiple times per day. This includes restrooms, door handles, desks, and other high use areas.

What happens if my child or another student gets sick at school? When one of our students gets sick at school or show signs or symptoms of being sick:

The teacher will notify the school nurse and sanitize the area the student was sitting at. The student will proceed to the nurses’s office where they will be assessed. If it is determined the student needs to go home, the parents will be notified to come and pick up their child. Students being sent home for symptoms will be sent home for 10 calendar days and must be symptom free for 24 hours without medication. Alternatively, they will need to stay home until a NEGATIVE COVID test can be obtained and are symptom free for 24 hours without medication.

School Wide Meetings Traditionally, Kenai Alt has held their school wide meetings in the main office. During this time, all school wide meetings will be held in the gym right after lunch.

Lunch School lunch will be provided. Lunch will be served in the paper boats. Students may eat in the kitchen, office, hallway, or outside during the 35 minute lunch period. Students may also go off campus for lunch.

On-Line delivery of instruction If the school goes into RED during this time frame, students may access their classroom content via Google Classroom Links that will be listed on this site.

Student Lockers In order to provide enough space in the hallways, every other locker will be blocked out. There should be adequate locker space for the students currently attending Kenai Alt.

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