Local Scholarships

Hi guys.

As they start coming in, this page will be where you can find local businesses and community organizations that offer local scholarships for Seward High Seniors!

There are two categories COMMON, meaning they use our “common app” or INDIVIDUAL, which means they have their own application (linked).

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Scrivo at ascrivo@kpbsd.org or 244-9060. Ms. Ransom is also available for help with applications, editing and questions in her library office.


COMMON APP– This one application is good to apply for all the scholarships below. Click HERE to see Ms. Ransom’s sample applications. The Common App is DUE APRIL 15th.

Subway Scholarship(s)- Up to $5,000

Seward PTA $500+ multiple awards

Seward Business Scholarship(s)– currently $1,675

Kawabe + short essay, multiple awards $2,000+

Essential 1, Petro Marine, Shoreside Petroleum $1,250


PEO STAR Scholarship– Application Window Sept. 1-15th

Seward Insurance Agency Application window Dec 15- April 15th

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 5 – due to the Legion April 15th

KPC High School Senior Tuition Scholarship– Due March 17th 5pm

Seward Volunteer FD Due April 15th

TelAlaska Scholarship Due April 14th

KBEA Scholarships Due Mar 30th 5 awards $500

Ron & Terri Davis Trades Scholarship (up to $1,000) Due March 17th

Luella James Scholarship (up to $1,000) Due March 17th

Alaska Community Foundation Seward High Scholarship (up to $1,000) Due March 17th


PEO Local Scholarship Due April 15th

Seward Arts Council

Pioneers of Alaska Igloo #9 Due May 2nd

QNT Scholarship Due May 1

Moose Pass Sportsman’s Due May 1

Catalyst Marine Engineering