SHS Basic Supply List



Spiral Notebooks for each class


Water bottle

Backpack or similar to carry these items

Chromebooks will be issued through the library on the first day of school, students can bring their own laptops although they may experience trouble printing with them.

Students taking PE should have non-marking tennis shoes to use in the gym.

*Some teachers or classes may require specialized supplies

Mr. Williams class extended Supply list

Algebra 1

              Required:   5 – Subject Spiral Notebook and Pencils


              Required: 5 – Subject Spiral Notebook and Pencils

              Recommended: Personal Compass and Protractor

Algebra 2

              Required: 5 – Subject Spiral Notebook and Pencils

 Pre – Calculus

               Required:  5 – Subject Spiral Notebook and Pencils                         

               Recommended: TI-84 or higher graphing calculator (for Calculus, college, or STEM field)

Art Students:

Art classes have a $20 fee for all students to pay for supplies. In addition to the materials covered by this payment, art students are responsible for:

  1. Their own paint brushes

2. A pack of #2 pencils.

They also may choose to provide one of the following:

Unscented- skin friendly dish soap

 One roll of absorbent paper towels

One pack of sponges

If parents wish to sign a waiver for exemption on the art fee, then they will be responsible to email the the school office.