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Soldotna Elementary 2022-23 Parent Input Form

Each spring we provide parents the opportunity to provide input into the classroom placement of their child for the following school year. This input can be very helpful to the school staff when placing students into classes. Placement decisions for each student will be finalized by Dr. Stevenson, classroom teachers and the school’s Intervention Team. If you have questions about the placement process, please see Dr. Stevenson.

Please note that we do not ask “Which teacher would you like your child to have next year?” There are several reasons for this, including the fact that teaching staff often changes over the summer, as do teaching assignments. Be aware that forms returned to the office that request a specific teacher are not considered in the same manner as forms that provide information about the type of desired learning environment.

Factors which we will consider in addition to the parent input form when placing students into classes for next year include:
• Teacher recommendation
• Student learning style
• Teacher teaching style
• Academic needs
• Behavioral needs
• Gender

We place students based on the needs of all children in our school. Parent input is a valuable source of information we take into serious consideration. However, balancing the needs of all children is our first priority. Our teachers and staff spend a tremendous amount of time discussing and planning student placement and developing class lists. We always strive to balance classes so that they contain a mix of academic abilities and other student characteristics such as adaptability, independence, behavior, special interests and gender. Creating balanced classrooms focused on meeting ALL students’ needs is our top priority!!

Soldotna Elementary 2022-23 Parent Input Form

  • The parent input period is now closed, this form is no longer active.