Community Open Gym Rules


  •   6PM – 8PM for individual and/or group sport activities.
  •   Youth must be supervised by an approved adult leader.
  •   Community members welcome to participate in events as

              per monthly gym schedule.

  •   All ages who follow the rules may attend on their designated

          open gym time (see monthly schedule).

  •   Community may use school gym facility, bathrooms and

          water fountain.  All other campus areas are off limits.


  • Hands off and school rules and expectations on campus to be


  • Community Leaders, chaperones for youth in attendance.
  • Leaders are responsible for the safety of youth and facility.
  • Youth will not loiter on campus after events end.
  • 3 outer campus doors will be locked before/after using gym.
  • Youth to be in good standing at home and at school.
  • Students who were absent, in detention or suspended on the

        day of open gym can not attend open gym.

  • Safety first in all sport/physical activities.
  • Stay off and away from stage and/or stage equipment.
  • Must use sign-in sheet. Youth must have permission from

        leader before using bathroom/water facilities

Leader:  Youth who do not follow rules escort from building immediately.

          Check to make sure the 3 outer campus doors are shut and

          locked before leaving.  Contact Prinical at school or home for