12/5/2022 Site Council Meeting 4:00pm-5:00pm

2022-23 Site Council Members: Eric Waltenbaugh Tiffany Mayasich, Erica Marley, Tracy Hansen, Barb Angiak, Ahnie Litecky, Katie Bynagle, Karen Carbell

  1. Opening Activities
    1. Call to Order
      1. New Member: Tiffany Mayasich
    2. Roll Call-all here
    3. Agenda additions-nothing to add
  2. WHE Student and Family Handbook
    1. Review elements of DRAFT Handbook-reviewed table of contents and discussed placement of certain important topics (technology, phones, transportation, safety, security, and communication with parents). Birthdays and coordination with teachers
      1. Provide feedback on any items to be included or revised-add in after school clubs and activities. Provide a link in newsletter/website for parents to acquire permission slips/ information about activity. Transportation after activities. 
    2. Discuss elements to go into the section on [technology use in the school]-use/balance of screentime. Learning /engaging content at school. How much a student is consuming vs. creating.
  3. Site Council Goals review for 2022-23
    1. DOT Traffic study-No update 
    2. Completed WHE Family Handbook by August 2023
  4. Closing comments-google doc for handbook suggestions
  5. Next Meetings: February 27th, April 3rd
  6. Adjourn 

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