Library Corner

West Homer Library

Welcome to the West Homer Library. We have over 30,000 books in our collection! Students choose books from the many different sections of the library. When they are done reading a book, we plan to have students write book reviews to post in the library to encourage their friends to read! This makes reading fun and the students can see the kinds of books other students are reading!

Student Progress

Students have taken ownership of their reading through the newly implemented Lexile reading program! They read a book at their Lexile level and take a Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) test to get feedback on their comprehension. Every student sets his or her own goal and works hard to attain the next reading level. This is reflected in the quarterly Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) test each student takes to measure their progress. The students made great gains over the summer–fantastic!

Student Stewardship

The students take very good care of the library. They all take turns inspecting the library at the close of their class—making sure that everything is in its place. In January the students will adopt a section of the library that they will maintain for the rest of the school year!

We have two Scholastic Books Fairs a year: one during the week of fall Parent/Teacher Conferences and one right after Spring Break. The students help run the fairs and enjoy having their very own book store for two weeks of the school year.

Students Engagement and Parent and Community Involvement

We work closely with the libraries in and out of the community sharing ideas and materials. Guest speakers on subjects from Whale Research to critiquing National Geographic book drafts with the author, spark the students’ interest.

The Continuous Book Swap, just outside the library door, allows students to trade a book from home that they have finished reading with another book. In this way the students always have a “new” book of their own!

Donations of books are always welcome. For every book I buy for the library at least 2 are donated. I use the donated books in the Continuous Book Swap, add them to the library collection, or give them to a student or classroom for a perfect match!

The Scholastic Book Fairs bring many families, friends and community members into the library. New books infuse the school and the community through these Fairs and excite the students giving them a new current collection of books to read. Visit our Scholastic Book Fair.


We welcome all volunteers: parents, grandparents, friends, community members, and alumnae. There is always a job to do from shelving and covering books to creating book displays. We always need help at the Book Fairs as well. We really appreciate the help: it makes a big difference.

Come visit any time if you want to just relax and read a book, a magazine or the newspaper!

You are always welcome! Thank you for the support!

Your Librarian,

Kristy Stevenson

Kristy Stevenson