Site Council Meeting 4/15/24

Apr 15, 2024, 4:00-5:00pm

4/15/2024 Site Council Meeting 4:00pm – 5:00pm

2023-24 Site Council Members:  

  • Parent Representatives
    • Ahnie Litecky
    • Kaycee Edens
    • Rachel Lord
  • Community Representative: Barb Angiak 
  • Staff Representatives
    • Administration: Eric Waltenbaugh
    • Classified staff rep: Tiffany Mayasich
    • Certified staff rep:  Karen Corbell
    • Certified staff rep: Samuel Crowl
  1. Opening Activities

Call to Order 

Roll Call

-Not Present: Karen Corbell & Barb Angiak

Agenda additions

  1. DOT Traffic study updates-No Current updates
    1. Rachel Lord will follow up
      1. Owner of vacant property next to school parking lot discussed (unimaginable amount)
  1. Principal update
    1. Staffing update
      1. Budget proposal separate from loss of title 1 funding and loss of 1 staff member due to enrollment decrease
    2. School budget
      1. KPBSD sent out FY25 Budget proposal-Here
      2. State owes KPBSD 10 mil for mis-distribution
      3. Judge ruled unconstitutional for home-schooling money which was public money
    3. Schoolwide needs assessment update
      1. Purchasing bulletin boards for hallways
    4. Attendance: view link on nytimes attendance podcast-Here
      1. Chronic absenteeism discussed
        1. High anxiety
        2. Income status
        3. Truancy required letter-that is informative, personable, adaptable, etc. 
      2. Site Council may need to take on attendance with different approach
        1. Early communication/protocol is the goal for next year
  1. Final discussion and vote on updated Site Council bylaws
    1. Voting for updated/finalized bylaws via email due to time constraint and missing personnel
    2. Will have finalized bylaws by end of FY24-via email vote.
  1. Site Council year-end report
  1. Suggestions for Council goals next year
    1. Meetings need to be longer (2 hours)
    2. Attendance
    3. New school assessment needs
      1. Providing planning/help for events
    4. Technology discussion/needs for youth
    5. Broader school support
      1. Classrooms
      2. Events
      3. Feeling welcome
  1. Closing comments
    1. See you all next year
    2. Great learning opportunities
      1. Creating more parent involvement with completed bylaws 
      2. Thank you so much for the attendance discussion and feedback at the meeting last night.  This is a complicated issue and we’re looking forward to potentially working on it collaboratively with Site Council guidance next year.
  1. Adjourn

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