Site Council Minutes January 15, 2024, 4-5pm

1/15/2024 Site Council Meeting 4:00pm – 5:00pm

2023-24 Site Council Members:  

  • Parent Representatives
    • Ahnie Litecky
    • Kaycee Edens
    • Rachel Lord
  • Community Representative: Barb Angiak
  • Staff Representatives
    • Administration: Eric Waltenbaugh
    • Classified staff rep: Tiffany Mayasich
    • Certified staff rep:  Karen Corbell
    • Certified staff rep: Samuel Crowl
  1. Opening Activities

Call to Order 

Roll Call-All here

Agenda additions

  1. DOT Traffic study updates
    1. Zero communication/updates from the DOT end.
    2. Rachel will report back the findings at next meeting 
  1. Principal update
    1. PTO Advocacy Night info-January 25th 6-8pm
      1. 13 million dollar funding cut for the school
      2. Effects of funding cut
        1. Title 1 loss (family nights, free/reduced lunch, reading intervention)
        2. Teacher positions cut
    2. Central office visit-observing classroom curriculum
    3. MAPS adjustments (instructional delivery, assessment of smaller groups, better ranges for more personalized student needs) 
    4. Schoolwide Needs Assessment update-still in the works
      1. Will be brought up in next staff meeting-lists, feedback, student council peer feedback. 
  1. School board policy review process
    1. Policy changes-does it involve individual schools?
      1. Policy review committee first, then brought to administrator before school board is involved 
  1. Continue reviewing Site Council bylaws
    1. Revising Purpose statement to encompass our particular elementary purpose.
    2. Changing Article VII to represent goal setting
    3. Selection process revised-term years (1 or 2)
      1. How will the voting/selection be cleared up and fair
    4. Consistent/clear wording for bylaws 
    5. Finished reviewing bylaws
      1. Wording discussed and bylaws will be ready for finalization for final meeting vote. 
  1. Closing comments
  1. Adjourn

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