First Week Essentials

Arrival & Dismissal: 

For the safety of our students, and in order to allow an orderly arrival and dismissal of students that adheres to KPBSD mitigation guidelines please follow the procedures below.

Student Drop Off:  8:20 AM -8:45 AM

For the safety of students please do not drop off before 8:20 AM.  Separate lanes will be set up for K-2 and 3-5. Please follow the posted signs. Refer to the diagram at the bottom of this document for drop-off points for K-2 and 3-5. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to walk students into the building.

The parking lot will be closed to all traffic except student drop-off until 9:00. Parking will not be allowed until 9:00. The school office will not be open for visitors until 9:15.

Student Pick Up: 3:10 PM

This is a completely different traffic pattern than drop-off. All traffic will go down Swires Road and enter through the far end of the parking lot.  Lanes and signage will be set up to route cars through the parking lot in order to avoid blocking access to busses. Please refer to the diagram at the bottom of this document for the traffic pattern. Please do not get out of your car. Students will be brought to you.

The parking lot will be closed to all traffic except student drop-off traffic starting at 2:45. Parking will not be allowed until 3:45.  The school office will be closed from 2:45 until 3:45.


Follow this link to view our Mountain View Elementary bus routes. Please take care to determine which bus your child will be riding and the bus stop where they will be dropped off. 

*Important Action Needed Prior to First Day of School !!!

After determining your child’s afternoon transportation, please complete this survey to assist us in ensuring your child gets home safely!

KPBSD Policies: 

 KPBSD has instituted a strict Symptom-Free Protocol to keep our school community healthy and our schools open. Simply stated, if your child has any symptoms of an illness (the most common being cough, runny nose, fever, and vomiting), they should stay home. They will be required to leave school and follow a quarantine protocol if they exhibit those symptoms at school

  • View the KPBSD Symptom-Free Protocol here
  • View the KPBSD mitigation plan here

What to Bring:

Please send your child to school with:

  • A water bottle, drinking fountains will not be open.
  • Proper clothing for inclement weather. Kids need fresh air, and we need indoor space to spread out for lunch and other activities. Students will go outside for recess and PE in drizzle and light rain.
  • School supplies: See your grade level supply list here

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Our office phone number is (907)283-8600.