Mountain View Elementary Presents to School Board

Every three years KPBSD schools get to make a
presentation to the School Board. Last week Mountain View
Elementary made our presentation to the board.
We focused on the School Board adding “social and
emotional well-being” to its school culture goal this year. This
addition recognizes the fact that even with physically and
emotionally safe buildings, we still need to help students acquire
the social and emotional capacities to function at their peak and
take full advantage of the exceptional personalized learning
opportunities our teachers make available to them.
We feel the Board adding this goal validates our long-term
work in this important area. In fact, it is the purpose behind one of
our School Development Plan Goals this year. Our Personalized
Learning goal for this year encompasses student reflection and
ownership. We realize that successful, high-level student
reflection and ownership can only be achieved when a student
has the social and emotional skills to do so.
Our presentation highlighted two of our schools successful
ongoing positive school climate programs: kindness counts, and
positive responses to conflict, and then went on to describe Mind
Up, the new to the district, social emotional learning curriculum
we are implementing.
Students played a key role in our presentation. They
described in depth the components of our Positive Responses to
Conflict Program and drove home our Kindness Counts culture
with an amazing dance routine to the music of Kindness is a
Muscle choreographed by kindergarten teacher Cindy Thomas.
The video of our presentation to the School Board can be
found on the Mountain View Elementary Facebook Page.

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