Alice Drill Tuesday, April 16

Dear Seward Families

On April 16, 2024, we will conduct our last ALICE drill for both Seward Middle and Seward High School.   During this school year we have conducted three ALICE drills that give different scenarios for staff and students to discuss and plan for any lockdown situation. This training will be facilitated by Principal Henry Burns and supported by Officer Ballard of the Seward Police Department. It is important that parents are fully aware of this impending drill as students have the capacity for instant communication with their personal electronic devices. It is also important to emphasize that our training is age appropriate.

If you have any questions or concerns, the staff and administration at Seward High & Middle  School encourage you to review the ALICE Training Institute website at

You can also contact Principal Henry Burns directly at (907) 224-9066 or by email at

Thank you for understanding and supporting this important training exercise.


Dr. Henry Burns


Seward High and Seward Middle School

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