Early Release today due to snow

ALERT: 4/1/2024 9:37 am Seward Area Schools Early Release @ 12:45pm due to continued Winter Storm and Snow Accumulation. Schools will follow the Early Release Schedules for dismissal and bus routes. Please contact the school if you need further information.

Seward Elementary School

Seward Middle School

Seward High School

** Moose Pass School will continue with a normal school day but will not have bus service**

**No track practice or after school activities today.**

Early Release Bell Schedule


1st period: 7:40-8:10

2nd period: 8:15-8:45

3rd period: 8:50-9:20

4th period: 9:25-9:55

5th period: 10:00-10:30

Advisory/ Lunch: 10:32-11:02

Advisory / Lunch: 11:06-11:36

6th period: 11:41-12:11

7th period: 12:16-12:45

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