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Our Principal

Michael Wojciak


I am Mike Wojciak, the principal of Voznesenka and Kachemak Selo schools. I come from Minnesota with a background in elementary education. I moved to Alaska in 2008 and to the wonderful community of Voznesenka in 2011, where I still reside. This is my tenth year as the principal of Voznesenka School and my third year as the principal of Kachemak Selo School. These schools have become such an integral part of my life, that they in large part define who I am as a person. When not in school, my time outdoors and at the cabin is very meaningful. Since my youth I’ve enjoyed hunting, fishing, recreational vehicles, and unique travels. Enjoying these hobbies and spending other quality time with family and friends is very coveted.

Our small main building houses our elementary students with three surrounding portables set up as secondary classrooms. Over the last several years we have maintained a total school population of around 115 students. We have excellent technology resources, opening many distance learning opportunities for our upper classmen. Some of the elective classes offered on site are construction, consumer science, yearbook/photography, and art. Whether you’re associated with our schools, our communities, or you’re just visiting thanks for your interest in our incredible schools!

We are a K-12 School

Welcome to Voznesenka School

Vision Statement

Voznesenka School prepares students for the future by providing a diverse array of learning opportunities.

Mission Statement

Students are guided and supported in a safe, respectful, and responsible environment to prepare them for a dynamic world through engagement in a variety of classes, athletics, and cultural experiences.

33002 Voznesenka Loop
Homer, AK 99603
P: 907.235.8549
F: 907.235.6086

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