Start and Stop Times

The day in session in every school shall be at least four hours long, exclusive of intermissions, for the first, second, and third grades and five hours, exclusive of intermissions, for all other grades. The period of the day in session shall be devoted to the instruction of pupils or to study periods for the pupils.

SchoolStartStopTotalEarly ReleaseNotes
Aurora Borealis Charter8:00 AM2:45 PM6hrs 45mins1:15 PM
Chapman Elementary8:00 AM2:30 PM6hrs 30mins1:00 PM
Connections Homer8:00 AM4:30 PM8hrs 30minsN/AOffice Hours
Connections Soldotna8:00 AM4:30 PM8hrs 30minsN/AOffice Hours
Cooper Landing Elementary9:00 AM3:15 PM6hrs 15mins1:45 PM
Little Fireweed
Fireweed Academy
7:50 AM
8:00 AM
2:25 PM
2:50 PM
6hrs 35mins
6hrs 50mins
1:00 PM
1:20 PM
Homer High9:00 AM3:50 PM6hrs 50mins2:20 PM
Homer Middle9:00 AM3:50 PM6hrs 50mins2:20 PM
Homer Flex9:00 AM3:35 PM6hrs 35mins2:05 PM
Hope School9:00 AM3:30 PM6hrs 30mins2:00 PM
K-Beach Elementary7:55 AM2:25 PM6hrs 30mins12:55 PM
Kachemak Selo8:30 AM3:05 PM6hrs 35mins1:30 PMK-12
Kaleidoscope Charter9:10 AM3:40 PM6hrs 30mins2:10 PM
Kenai Central High7:40 AM2:16 PM6hrs 36mins12:45 PM
Kenai Alternative7:45 AM2:00 PM6hrs 15mins12:30 PM
Kenai Middle7:50 AM2:27 PM6hrs 37mins12:57 PM
McNeil Canyon Elementary8:20 AM2:50 PM6hrs 30mins1:20 PM
Moose Pass Elementary8:45 AM3:15 PM6hrs 30mins1:45 PM
Mountain View Elementary8:45 AM3:25 PM6hrs 40mins1:55 PM
Nanwalek School9:00 AM3:30 PM6hrs 30mins2:00 PM
Nikiski Middle/High7:40 AM2:15 PM6hrs 35mins12:45 PM
Nikiski North Star Elementary8:55 AM3:30 PM6hrs 35mins2:00 PM
Nikolaevsk School8:00 AM2:40 PM6hrs 40mins1:10 PM
Ninilchik School9:05 AM3:35 PM6hrs 30mins2:05 PM
Paul Banks Elementary7:50AM2:30 PM6hrs 45mins1:00 PM
Port Graham School9:00 AM4:00 PM7hrs 2:30 PM1 hr lunch
Razdolna School8:30 AM3:00 PM7hrs1:30 PM1hr lunch
Redoubt Elementary8:45 AM3:18 PM6hrs 33mins1:45 PM
River City Academy7:40 AM2:10 PM 6hrs 30mins12:40 PM
Seward Elementary8:00 AM2:30 PM6hrs 30 min12:50 PM
Seward High7:40 AM2:15 PM6hrs 35mins12:50 PM
Seward Middle7:40 AM2:15 PM6hrs 35 mins12:50 PM
Skyview Middle7:40 AM2:10 PM6hrs 30mins12:40 PM
Soldotna Elementary8:40 AM3:25 PM6hrs 45mins1:55 PM
Soldotna Montessori8:40 AM3:30 PM6hrs 50mins2:00 PM
Soldotna High7:45 AM2:25 PM6hrs 40mins12:55 PM
Sterling Elementary8:55 AM3:35 PM6hrs 40mins2:05 PM
Susan B. English8:30 AM3:10 PM6hrs 40mins1:40 PM
Tebughna School9:00 AM3:30 PM6hrs 30mins2:00 PM
Tustumena Elementary9:00 AM3:35 PM
3:40 PM
6hrs 35mins
6hrs 40mins
2:05 PMK-3rd
Voznesenka School8:30 AM3:05 PM6hrs 35mins12:30 PM
West Homer Elementary8:00 AM2:50 PM6hrs 50mins1:20 PM