2022-2027 KPBSD Strategic Plan

Clayton Holland

Clayton Holland

Superintendent of Schools

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Nikkol Sipes
Administrative Secretary
Superintendent / School Board



Supporting students in life success


Every KPBSD student will be a lifelong learner who will graduate with the knowledge, skills, integrity, perseverance, and community connectedness needed to pursue their passions and desired post-secondary opportunities.

Core Values

strategic-plan - strategic plan community

Community – We are welcoming to all and seek to accomplish our goals through collaboration; ensuring the work honors and reflects our diverse voices and values.

strategic-plan - strategic plan perseverance

Perseverance – We are committed to instilling a strong work ethic in students, providing multiple opportunities to succeed while encouraging them to keep striving for greater and greater achievement.

strategic-plan - strategic plan community

Academic Excellence – We will support and engage students in their learning in order for them to demonstrate the abilities to perform, achieve and excel in scholastic activities.

strategic-plan - strategic plan perseverance

Integrity – We will provide students the skills and the experiences to become honest and exhibit strong moral principles.


Priority One: Student Success – Our Why: Student success is our most critical commitment – it represents our promise to provide academic excellence for all. KPBSD will ensure all students have equitable access to and engagement with programs and supports that reduce barriers to learning.

Priority Two: School Climate and Safety – Our Why: A positive school climate – where students feel a sense of safety and belonging where relational trust prevails – improves academic achievement, test scores, grades and engagement and helps reduce the negative effects of poverty on academic achievement.

Priority Three: Family and Community Engagement – Our Why: Family and community engagement in schools contributes to positive student outcomes, including improved child and student achievement, decreased disciplinary issues, improved parent-teacher, and teacher-student relationships and improved school environment

Priority Four: Workforce Development – Our Why: Workforce development leads to prosperous employees, schools, and local communities. By training, and upskilling our workforce, our district can enjoy happier staff, lower turnover, and exciting growth opportunities.

Priority Five: Organizational and Resource Management – Our Why: Organizational and Resource Management represents the conscious commitment to align the district as one team, unified in a singular commitment to support all schools, students, and families, and build a culture of continuous improvement centered on designing equitable systems for school and instructional improvement.