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FY 2024-2025

Bid #TitleFile(s)Date PostedDue Date
101-25 Toilet Paper & Roll Towels101-25 ITB Instructions
101-25 Specifications
6-12-244:00 P.M., Alaska Time, July 3, 2024
102-25Milk & Dairy Products102-25 ITB Instructions
102-25 Specifications
102-25 Delivery Schedule
6-14-244:00 P.M., Alaska Time, July 8, 2024


FY 2023-2024

Bid #TitleFile(s)Date Posted
100-24Fuel100-24 Recap8-18-23
101-24Toilet Paper & Roll Towels101-24 Recap7-17-23
102-24Milk & Dairy Products102-24 Recap7-10-23
103-24Frozen Food Products Q2103-24 Recap8-23-23
104-24Dry Food Products Q2104-24 Recap8-23-23
105-24Expendable Products Q2105-24 Recap8-23-23
106-24Copy Paper106-24 Recap9-7-23
107-24Solid Waste Collection and Disposal107-24 Recap12-13-23
112-24Frozen Food Products Q3112-24 Recap11-20-23
113-24Dry Food Products Q3113-24 Recap11-20-23
114-24Expendable Products Q3114-24 Recap11-20-23
116-24Technology Equipment – Chromebooks116-24 Recap1-16-24
108-24E-Rate Telecommunication Services108-24 Recap2-2-24
109-24E-Rate Routing, Switching & Voice Gateways109-24 Recap2-2-24
110-24E-Rate Wireless Equipment & Licensing110-24 Recap2-2-24
111-24E-Rate Network Security111-24 Recap2-2-24
115-24E-Rate Structured Cabling & Connectivity Components115-24 Recap2-2-24
117-24Frozen Food Products Q4117-24 Recap2-26-24
118-24Dry Food Products Q4118-24 Recap2-26-24
119-24Expendable Products Q4119-24 Recap2-26-24
121-24Roll Towels121-24 Recap3-5-24
120-24E-Rate Telecommunication Services120-24 Recap3-6-24
122-24Technology Equipment122-24 Recap3-19-24
123-24Interactive Flat Panel Displays123-24 Recap3-28-24
125-24Frozen Food Products125-24 Recap5-28-24
126-24Dry Food Products126-24 Recap5-28-24
127-24Expendable Products127-24 Recap5-28-24
124-24Analog Voice, SIP Trunk, and Long-Distance Service124-24 Recap6-17-24

FY 2022-2023

Bid #TitleFile(s) PDFDate Posted
100-23Milk & Dairy Products100-23 Recap7-8-22
101-23Washington DC, Jamestown, & Colonial Williamsburg Air & Land Tour101-23 Recap9-2-22
102-23Interactive Flat Panel Displays102-23 Recap8-29-22
103-23Dry Food Products Q2 SY22-23103-23 Recap9-7-22
104-23Expendable Products Q2 SY22-23104-23 Recap9-7-22
105-23Frozen Food Products Q2 SY22-23105-23 Recap9-7-22
106-23AED – Defibrillator106-23 Recap9-2-22
107-23Dry Food Products Q3 SY22-23107-23 Recap12-7-22
108-23Expendable Products Q3 SY22-23108-23 Recap12-7-22
109-23Frozen Products Q3 SY22-23109-23 Recap12-7-22
110-23Copy Paper110-23 Recap12-5-22
111-23E-Rate Telecommunications Services: Moose Pass111-23 Recap2-2-23
112-23E-Rate Telecommunications Services: Connections Homer OfficeNO AWARD2-2-23
115-23Fall School Photography Services115-23 Recap1-23-23
116-23Washington DC, Jamestown, Williamsburg, & Philadelphia Land & Air Tour116-23 Recap3-2-23
117-23Student Group Travel – 2024117-23 Recap3-30-23
118-23Dry Food Products Q4 SY22-23118-23 Recap2-28-23
119-23Expendable Products Q4 SY22-23119-23 Recap2-28-23
120-23Frozen Food Products Q4 SY22-23120-23 Recap2-28-23
121-23E-Rate Telecommunications Services (Connections Homer Office)121-23 Recap3-15-23
122-23Automated Teller Machines(s) ATM’s122-23 Recap5-4-23
123-23Technology Equipment123-23 Recap3-22-23
124-23Interactive Flat Panel Displays124-23 Recap Revised4-26-23
125-23Background Screening Services125-23 Recap6-26-23
126-23Expendable Products Q1 SY23-24126-23 Recap5-23-23
127-23Dry Food Products Q1 SY23-24127-23 Recap5-23-23
128-23Frozen Food Products Q1 SY23-24128-23 Recap5-23-23
129-23Web Content Filter Platform129-23 Recap5-31-23
130-23VMware Support & Subscriptions130-23 Recap6-14-23

FY 2021-2022

Bid #TitleFile(s) PDFDate Posted
100-22Milk & Dairy Products100-22 Recap7-12-2021
101-22Toner & Ink Cartridges101-22 Recap 7-15-2021
102-22Commercially Available Basic Broadband Service102-22 Recap9-13-2021
103-22Copy Paper103-22 Recap8-6-2021
104-22Bottled Water104-22 Recap8-11-2021
105-22Toilet Paper & Roll Towels105-22 Recap8-20-2021
106-22Washington DC & New York Land & Air Tour106-22 Recap10-29-2021
107-22HALO Smart Sensors107-22 Recap1-17-2022
108-22E-Rate Telecommunications Services (Moose Pass)108-22 Recap1-20-2022
109-22E-Rate Telecommunications Services (Hope School)109-22 Recap1-20-2022
110-22E-Rate Telecommunications Services (Category 2 Eligible Ethernet Switches)110-22 Recap3-21-2022
112-22Cisco IP Phones112-22 Recap – Revised1-27-2022
113-22Technology Equipment113-22 Recap3-28-2022
114-22Copy Paper114-22 Recap3-22-2022
115-22Washington DC, Jamestown, Williamsburg, & Philadelphia Land & Air Tour115-22 Recap3-30-2022
116-22Printers116-22 Recap3-28-2022
117-22Milestone XProtect Care Plus117-22 Recap5-2-2022
118-22Expendable Products118-22 Recap5-27-2022
119-22Dry Food Products119-22 Recap5-27-2022
120-22Frozen Food Products120-22 Recap5-27-2022


Bid #TitleFile(s) PDFDate Posted
100-21Milk & Dairy Products100-21 Recap7-20-2020
101-21Fuel101-21 Recap – Revised9-10-2020
102-21Toner & Ink Cartridges102-21 Recap – Revised10-23-2020
103-21Diesel Fuel103-21 Recap10-22-2020
104-21Laptops & DVD Drives104-21 Recap12-9-2020
105-21E-Rate Telecommunications Services
(Moose Pass)
No Award
106-21E-Rate Telecommunications Services
(Port Graham/Nanwalek)
106-21 Recap1-29-2021
107-21E-Rate Telecommunications Services
(Moose Pass)
No Award
108-21Technology108-21 Recap – Revised3-24-2021
109-21Expendable Products109-21 Recap5-26-2021
110-21Dry Food Products110-21 Recap5-24-2021
111-21Frozen Food Products111-21 Recap5-24-2021
112-21Two-Way Radios112-21 Recap6-30-2021

FY 2019-2020

Bid #TitleFile(s) PDFDate Posted
100-20Paper bid100-20 Recap11-27-2019
101-20E-Rate Telecommunications Services and Equipment101-20 Recap 2-7-2020
103-20Washington DC & New York Land & Air Tour103-20 Recap2-21-2020
102-20School Buses102-20 Recap – Revised3-10-2020
104-20Technology Equipment104-20 Recap4-20-2020
105-20Dry Food Products105-20 Recap6-3-2020
106-20Expendable Products106-20 Recap6-3-2020
107-20Freeze/Chill Food Products107-20 Recap6-3-2020
108-20Analog Voice, SIP Trunk, and Long-Distance Services108-20 Recap 6-22-2020
109-20Copy Paper109-20 Recap7-9-2020
Bid #TitleFile(s)Date PostedDue Date

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