Instructional Services

Kari Dendurent

Kari Dendurent

Assistant Superintendent of Schools

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Natalie Bates
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent


The Instructional Services Department develops, oversees, and manages daily operations of the educational programs and services to include:

  • Curriculum development and supervision;
  • Site intervention team process;
  • District student assessment program;
  • District staff and professional development program;
  • School development planning process;
  • District calendar;
  • District special education;
  • School psychologists;
  • QUEST (gifted and talented program);
  • Federal and K-12 school programs;
  • Alternative education;
  • English Language Learners (ELL education);
  • Counseling services;
  • Federal and state grants;
  • Vocational education;
  • Nursing services;
  • District professional development;
  • Instructional technology; and
  • Districtwide instructional specialists