Elementary Education Staff

Eric Pederson

Eric Pederson

Director of Elementary Education

P: 907.714.8859
F: 907.262.6354

Rachel Hanson

Federal Programs Grants Specialist


Phone: 907.714.8868


  • Budget and purchasing support for Title I-A, I-D, I-C, IV-A, McKinney Vento
  • Support for Homeless Liaison and McKinney Vento grant
  • Support for Marathon School and Recidivism Specialist-Youth in Detention-Title ID Neglected Delinquent (Marathon School) Grants-Title ID Part 2, Recidivism
  • Provide support for Title IV-R.I.S.E. Program-Summer Connect-Winter Connect

Kelly King

Students in Transition Program Coordinator


Phone: 907.714.8869


  • Implement KPBSD McKinney-Vento Grant for services to students in transition (homeless) and their families
  • Maintain records and PowerSchool "special program" enrollments for students in transition (homeless)
  • Provide direct support to Central Peninsula students in transition (homeless) and their families
  • Work with Central Peninsula human services providers to assist students in transition (homeless) and their families in accessing additional resources
  • Support Homer area liaison and At-risk Student Support Specialist
  • Complete local, state, and Federal reporting/McKinney-Vento grant application
  • Provide for public outreach, information, and fund raising

Krissy Mahan

Administrative Assistant for Elementary Education, Curriculum, Title VI, and Professional Development


Phone: 907.714.8859


  • Administrative Assistant to Elementary Education
  • Administrative support for Director of Elementary Education-Parent Complaints Elementary Education
  • Administrative support for Title VI - Indian Education-Title VI Tutors-UpStream Academies support-ANSEP support
  • Administrative support for Professional Development
  • Effective Instruction Coaches-budget, purchasing, schedules, mileage-Administrator meeting set-up Canvas/Catalog PD software system administrator-Praxis/Endorsement reimbursements-Title II, Part A Professional Development-budget and activity coordination
  • Administrative support to District Wide Librarian-Manage online Subscriptions

Nicole Murphy

At-Risk Student Support Specialist


Phone: 907.714.8984


  • RISE Program for At-Risk Youth
  • Winter Connect
  • Summer Connect
  • Dinner Club
  • Provides direct support to youth identified as At-Risk and their families on the Central Peninsula
  • Provides direct support to targeted homeless, unaccompanied youth on the Central Peninsula
  • Provides for public outreach, information and fundraising

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