Student Insurance

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District does its best to provide a safe environment for students. Even so, students can and do have accidents. Medical costs relating to school time injuries (and/or illness) are the responsibility of the student and their parents/guardians. This includes any costs related to emergency transportation to a medical facility and treatment.  The school will make every effort to contact the parents/guardians prior to transporting (it is important that emergency contacts listed in your student’s records be current), but in an emergency situation the school staff will determine if emergency transportation is necessary. Failure to diagnose an injury or illness, or emergency transportation of a student to a medical facility when it is later found that an actual emergency condition did not exist, are not grounds for the District to pay for related medical services and/or transportation.

The District has purchased the Alaska Municipal League/Joint Insurance Association (AML/JIA) School Time Accident Plan through Myers-Stevens and Toohey at no cost to parents. It is designed to cover many, but not all, of the expenses related to injuries incurred during authorized school activities. This plan does not cover natural illness, pre-existing conditions, injuries incurred during football activities, or injuries resulting from illegal activities, and only pays after the student’s primary insurance has paid. In the past, AML/JIA has reimbursed at a rate of approximately 80% for those expenses that are covered, up to a maximum of $25,000 per injury. Parents are responsible for the $50 deductible per injury, as well as a 20% co-payment and all other expenses not covered by the plan. A letter describing the current accident coverage and benefits along with an Authorization for Emergency Treatment will be sent home with students. Claim forms are available at each school’s main office.

Students will also receive information on insurance plans available for purchase including “Student Health Care Plan” (24-hour coverage for sickness & accidents); “Interscholastic Tackle Football Accident Plans”; “24-Hour Accident Plans”; “School Time Accident Plans”; and a “Dental Accident Plan”. If your child has existing health coverage, these supplemental plans may be useful in reducing your out-of-pocket expenses for insurance deductibles and/or co-payments. If your child has no other health coverage, you may find these programs particularly attractive. Additionally, Myers-Stevens has relatively inexpensive optional insurance for short-term (24-hour) coverage which may be purchased for purposes such as field trips. Further information is available from Myers-Stevens at: or by dialing (800) 827-4695.

Insurance Plans

Myers, Stevens and Toohey

Travel Insurance Select – Short-term medical insurance to provide for students who are traveling.

Denali Kid Care – A State of Alaska program which provides comprehensive (no cost) health care coverage for children and pregnant women who meet income eligibility requirements.

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