Secondary Education Staff

Tony Graham

Director of Secondary Education
P: 907.714.8864
F: 907.262.9645

Christy Weber

Administrative Secretary II

Phone: 907.714.8864

  • Administrative Assistant to Secondary Education Director
  • Administrative support for Director of Secondary Education-Parent Complaints Secondary Education Administrative support for Assessment-Out of District upload ACT and SAT scores into PowerSchool
  • Administrative support to Testing Coordinator-Access-MAPS-NAEP
  • Administrative support for District Curriculum Coordinator-Curriculum Support Center-Adopted Curriculum Materials storage and ordering
  • Administrative support for Counselors-Itinerate Counselors-access codes, budget, travel, meetings-PowerSchedule meetings-Quarterly Meetings-College and Career fair
  • Non-Competitive Grants-Quality Schools Grant-ATOSS-Quality School Tutor SODs-School Improvement Grants
  • Competitive Grants-Exxon Mobil Transportation Grant-GCI-Misuse & Prevention-NoVo-SAPP
  • Sources of Strength
  • Fourth R
  • Middle College
  • Student Records-Cleaning-Archiving-Physical CUM file processing-Student Transcripts-Education Verifications
  • Administrative support for Title III - EL Program