Substitute Information

Nate Crabtree

Nate Crabtree

Director of Human Resources
P: 907.714.8888
F: 907.262.9645

New Substitutes

Thank you for your interest in substituting with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District! The hire process is self-paced; to proceed please apply online then complete the hire paperwork. Submit completed paperwork to District Office or your local KPBSD school secretary.

Hiring Process

  1. Apply online (Application)
    • After you submit your application, the District will initiate a background check utilizing JDP/Pre-Employ, Inc. This email is informational and does not require an action from you.
  2. Complete the Substitute Hire Packet (click HERE to print all forms) – substitute forms include:
  3. Supplemental materials to submit:
    • Copy of License or Certificate (if applicable to position)
    • If applying to be a substitute teacher, you must provide:
      1. High School Diploma or recognized equivalent (Non-Certified) OR
      2. Valid Alaska Certificate – Teaching, Administrator, Special Services (Certified)
  4. KPBSD Safety Training on – will be emailed after hire paperwork is on file with Human Resources
    • First time users will receive an activation email from
    • Returning users should login with their existing credentials after receiving the course enrollment email

If you have questions regarding the hiring process, please contact:

KPBSD Human Resources Department
Phone: 907.714.8888
Fax: 907.262.9645

Returning Substitutes

2024 Summer Update

For those who were active substitutes during the 2023-24 school year and wish to return as a substitute for the 2024-25 school year.

Click the button above and select the red “Apply” button to submit your JobID 10186 Returning Substitute application.

Select “Login” located on the right side, then enter your email and password. Select “edit” located on the right side, review your information and update as needed.

For an email and/or password reminder, please call 714.8888 for assistance. Do not start a new application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, I applied! Am I all set to sub?
Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email regarding any additional paperwork, training, physical, or certificate requirements that you may need to complete. You will receive an email notification once you are active on the 2024-25 sub list and your Aesop account has been reactivated.

I have a phone/email/address change, what do I do?
Please verify that your personal information in your application is correct before you submit it. If the change occurs after you have submitted your application, please notify Kristen Vix at

Substitute Pay

2024-25 Pay Schedule

Payroll runs monthly. Pay day is the last business day of each month.

Pay Period StartsPay Period EndsPay Date
July 16August 15August 30
August 16September 15September 30
September 16October 15October 31
October 16November 15November 27
November 16December 15December 31
December 16January 15January 31
January 16February 15February 28
February 16March 15March 31
March 16April 15April 30
April 16May 15May 30
May 16June 15June 30

Food Worker Card

  • Food Worker Card
    • required for substitute food service
    • not eligible for reimbursement

Retiree Return to Work Policy

Under IRS regulation, a bona fide separation of employment is required after retirement from a PERS or TRS position. Retirees are also required at the time of retirement to certify that no prearrangement for reemployment in any capacity with the same employer has been made for the restricted period.

If you are under age 62, the restricted period for rehire is six (6) months after the effective retirement date. If you are age 62 or over, the restricted period is sixty (60) days after the effective retirement date.

There are consequences and potential penalties if a retiree returns to work before the restricted period elapses or for prearrangement of employment. For further information, please contact the state of Alaska, Division of Retirement and Benefits at (800) 821-2251 or visit their website at

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at (907) 714-8888.

To complete the application process, visit our Substitute Application page by clicking on one of the buttons above.