Child Find

staff-photos - Denise Kelly

Denise Kelly

Director of Student Support Services
P: 907.714.8882
F: 907.262.1374

Identified exceptional students are offered a special education program from age three through age 21. A preschool child who is eligible for special education services may begin service on their 3rd birthday. An IEP must be developed prior to the child’s third birthday and include the date the child will enroll in the District to receive special education services.

A student who is eligible to receive special education services and who is age 21 on the first day of the school term shall be entitled to Free and Appropriate Public Education for the entire school year, even if the child’s twenty-second birthday occurs during the school term.

If you have any questions regarding Child Find, Please contact the KPBSD Child Find Coordinator, Kelli Creglow, by calling 260-5148, or by emailing