KPSAA Meeting Agendas

The Kenai Peninsula Schools Activities Association will conduct four scheduled meetings during the school year. The annual spring meeting is not one of the four regularly scheduled meetings. The four regular meetings and the annual meeting dates are as follows:

(* Meetings begin at 10:00am unless otherwise noted)

2023-24 Meetings

September 28, 2023Executive Board
Work Session
Executive Board
Work Session
November 14, 2023Executive BoardExecutive Board
February 20, 2024Executive Board
April 4, 2024

2020-21 Meetings

2019-20 Meetings

April 7, 2020Executive BoardExecutive Board
General MeetingGeneral Meeting
February 27, 2020Executive BoardExecutive Board
November 12, 2019Executive BoardExecutive Board
September 12, 2019Executive BoardExecutive Board

2018-19 Meetings

2016-17 Meetings

April 13, 2017Executive Board
General Meeting
February 21, 2017Executive BoardExecutive Board
November 10, 2016Executive BoardExecutive Board
September 15, 2016Executive BoardExecutive Board

2015-16 Meetings

2014-15 Meetings

2013-14 Meetings

2012-13 Meetings

2011-12 Meetings

2010-11 Meetings

2009-10 Meetings

April 27, 2010Executive BoardExecutive Board
February 25, 2010Executive BoardExecutive Board
November 12, 2009Executive BoardExecutive Board
September 24, 2009Executive BoardExecutive Board