Fountas & Pinnell

Reading Levels

You’ve heard a lot about your child’s reading level. ┬áThe image below shows our goals for readers in each grade level. ┬áThere is quite of a bit of data showing that students who are reading on or above grade level in May/June (i.e. level D in Kindergarten, J in 1st grade, M in 2nd grade, P in 3rd, S in 4th, and V in 5th) perform better on standardized┬átests, and generally perform better in school.

However, please understand that teachers use this leveling system to help provide more individualized instruction for students.  The reading level is “a teacher tool, not a student label” (F&P 2017).
Students, and parents/guardians, should not be as concerned with the level.  The student should use this information to make good book choices (i.e. choosing books that are neither too difficult nor too easy). Reading is not a competition, and we don’t want students becoming obsessed with their “reading level”.  We want to instill a love of reading, while ensuring that students increase in proficiency month after month!

Your child’s teacher (in grades K-5) will provide you with more information about the characteristics of books at different reading levels to help you understand what your child will encounter in his/her books throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your student’s teacher for more information!