2022 Alaskan Book Hook Grant

The Seward Elementary School Library has been awarded the 2022 Alaskan Book Hook Grant, distributed by the Juneau Community Foundation! The stated purpose of the grant is to support small libraries with purchases of books and other materials to better serve their library patrons.

The funds awarded to Seward Elementary School have been used to update and expand the nonfiction collection in response to numerous student requests, as well as to replace books that have gone missing over the years and to complete series.

Honoring student requests and filling in the holes from missing books in the collection will go a long way toward maintaining students’ love of reading. Reading choice is so important in sparking a love of literacy and learning! A bulk-buy discount from Barnes and Noble &Classwork helped the grant money go even further!

On behalf of Seward Elementary School’s students and staff, I thank the Alaskan Book Hook Grant and Juneau Community Foundation for their generous support of our library!

-Jessica Bamford

Library Aide, Seward Elementary School